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OCR02646 - Mega Man 2 & 8 'Wily's Bubble Bath'

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I have to admit that the title caught my attention! This is probably partly on account of me reading it as "Bubble Bath Wily". That conjured images of... well... "Bubble Bath Girls" where all the models heads were replaced with Dr. Wily's. Sometimes my imagination gets away from me!

The mix itself is pretty nice. It conjures -- at least in my mind -- the imagery of a club-type setting. Or a couple's skate at the local rink.:nicework:

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yeah i like this a lot. i'm really surprised that this is your first attempt at anything jazzy because it's super good in that context. it's super good without it.

if you go for anything like this ever again, try a jazzier drum groove (just using each piece of the drum set to accompany the other instruments). i think it'd work out with your synths and sounds.

good job!

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Dude, for one of your first attempts at some electric jazz, this is really good! Production sounds great and the arrangement is hot! Very smooth and glides with the drums. Nice title as well, although bad images are soon to come in the minds of some. :P Great ReMix.

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