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OCR02653 - Deus Ex "The God Machine"

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"We have grown, but there is still much to be done. Many that live in darkness that must be shown the way, for it is the dawning of a new day."

I'm digging the slow build, controlled but chaotic change ups, and synthetic sound (which is true to the source). Rather than picking out any particular section, this is just a piece you let wash over you. Dare I say this is the first soothing rave music I've ever heard? It's what you'd play to your computer when it's time for it to go into sleep mode.

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I like the Aquatic Ambiance part! Give it a shout-out and list it in the write-up, obscure game sources like that need all the love they can get! ;-)

Really nice song, very clean and pristine, enjoyable and actually I may go as far as to say.... educational? Definitely hearing a difference between how I EQ stuff, and this. :-)

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All the themes meld together so nicely in this one, that I would have to agree that this would fit right in with an overall reprise. I especially liked what you did with it from 3:08 onward. Lots of great electronica going on here.

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