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My anime music covers (video!)


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Hey guys!

Now that my time at Lucasarts is over, I have a bit more time to focus on anime music, my other musical passion. I'll have a big announcement in the coming months, but leading into that, I'll be releasing videos of myself performing covers of my favorite anime tunes on various instruments.

I have two vids up now, with more to come soon:

Share/Like/Subscribe if you like what you hear! Thanks!! :-)

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(extremely delayed response - sorry!!)

I use Alicia's Keys for piano stuff: jazz, folk, and even orchestral. It has a ton of character and doesn't have that "perfectly sampled" feel that the bigger libraries have, but instead it just sounds emotional and dynamic on its own. Plus it's super cheap too, like $90 - and it comes with newer versions of Komplete I believe.

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