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OCR Talkback Live! (Saturdays, 9PM EDT!)


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Yeah, I checked the video, and whatever happened wasn't obvious on my side. I noticed the messages, but didn't realize it was just buzzing with intermittent talking. For the first 5 minutes, the audio was perfectly fine, then it got jacked for the rest. Over the course of the show, I tried plugging in an external mic, plugging & unplugging that mic and turning it off and on again, and disabling the internal mic, but none of that ended up working.

First time I've ever had G+ fuck up the audio like that ever, so I've got no idea what caused the issue or how to avoid it in the future. Will try again in the next few days and we'll see if the problem persists. :lol:

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Could you guys post the invite link in here for the next one? :-)

If a bunch of randoms join you could edit it out, but it might be good too. Would make it easier for remixers and OCR people to get in, probably most of who is looking at this anyway. :-)

I dunno about posting the invite link, but do post the video stream link, so we can know it's happenin'. :P

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