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OCR Talkback Live! (Saturdays, 9PM EDT!)


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Hey guys. We're trying something new tonight. Me, Larry, Stevo, and Andrew (and possibly some other OCR staffers) are going to do a live OCR Hangout on Air tonight. It'll be a short little show and we'll be taking questions. You can tune in on OCR's YouTube channel.


Thanks everyone for tuning in to our first ever Talkback and sending in questions. We're going to try to do an episode every Saturday night with a rotating cast. Because we're using Hangouts on Air, all of the episodes will be immediately available on YouTube as soon as they finish, and will be linked below, so if you missed it because you actually have a social life on Friday nights, you can always check out the episode later!

Are YOU an OC ReMixer?

Nicole Adams asked whether ReMixers can appear on the show. Hell YES! If you wanna come onto the show and talk about what you're working on, games, music, pop culture, and take questions from fans, we definitely want you on! Just post in the thread that you wanna appear on the show, let us know if you have Saturday night 9PM Eastern free (subject to change) and we'll invite you on to be a part!


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I enjoyed what I was able to listen to. <3 And it was awesome that Hiouden got some well deserved props. :D I also really liked Darkesword's idea about the subforum.

It's a pretty cool idea. If you guys wanna shorten the show then getting the questions beforehand is probably a good idea. (Though this seemed spontaneous so it running long is understandable)

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It's pretty good, but unless there's a need for the video format I might suggest making the session a live audio podcast, and having an IRC chat/twitter hashtag for questions. The delay on google hangout was somewhat annoying...

We're using Hangouts-on-Air and YouTube specifically because it's basically the most frictionless way for us to do this. We don't have to record anything, we don't have to do any kind of post production, and we don't have to set up any streaming software at all. We just sit down, setup the Hangout (which is what we use for our weekly OCR Staff meetings), and just start talking. Google Plus and YouTube take care of the rest.

This is part of a small initiative to start leveraging our YouTube channel for more content than just OC ReMixes and album trailers. It's also very important for us as OCR Staff members to be able to do this stuff without it actually taking any extra effort where logistics are concerned. Hangouts-on-Air have essentially zero logistical issues.

Also we did repeatedly mention that we were taking questions via Twitter, so all you have to do is tweet @ocremix and we'll see it. Larry and I both monitor OCR's Twitter account quite heavily. We'll try to mention it more often though that Twitter is the preferred method of sending us questions.

Thanks for the comments!

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