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OCR02808 - SmartBall 'Rainfall'


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[00:39] <DragonAvenger> nice ears, granpa larry

[00:42] <@Liontamer> he produces like poop :-)

[00:42] <@Liontamer> nah, I gotta find the Prot "that's not a marimba" or whatever

[00:42] <@Liontamer> from way way way back

Found it! 'Twas violin. I stolez from the best.


Violins don't sound real at all. Lots of repeating.
Edited by Liontamer
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I had been waiting for a remix from this game (more than any other) on OCR for a decade, and considered it an unlikely event. Seeing this posted here today was quite a surprise. It was an unexpected, and rather nice, way to start the new year. Thanks.

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