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OCR02808 - SmartBall 'Rainfall'

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What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.


[00:39] <DragonAvenger> nice ears, granpa larry

[00:42] <@Liontamer> he produces like poop :-)

[00:42] <@Liontamer> nah, I gotta find the Prot "that's not a marimba" or whatever

[00:42] <@Liontamer> from way way way back

Found it! 'Twas violin. I stolez from the best.


Violins don't sound real at all. Lots of repeating.
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Gosh, that 808 kick. I'm pretty glad OA tamed those subs. :P Hella smooth sax. Based on 0:23... I'm guessing alto sax? I'm honestly stuck between alto and tenor.

Man, the percussion on here is sweet. The vibraslap is niiiiice. Piano is oddly lofi, but meh, ok. It fits in context.

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I had been waiting for a remix from this game (more than any other) on OCR for a decade, and considered it an unlikely event. Seeing this posted here today was quite a surprise. It was an unexpected, and rather nice, way to start the new year. Thanks.

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Downtown / City Night Jazz ReMix of a SmartBall game song? That's pretty damn cool, man. Smooth, clean, sexy, fun to listen to, this ReMix is ace and a great ReMix to help kick off 2014. Nice work on this one, OA. I'll be having this on repeat for a quite a while.

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Yeah, this is unbelievably catchy and sexy... Uhhhhh... The sax is really glorious and the beat is exceptionally tasty. Love how light this remix becomes at 1:30 and the jumps again in the dark, gloomy atmosphere of this mix. Really great dark jazz track!

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