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Hometown Heroes: Town Themes Arranged - History

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Just so I am aware, what was the cause that you were dropping this as a director? Was it that you didn't have time to direct it, or was it more that you needed assistance? Or people weren't working on stuff and you just weren't feeling it anymore? Any reason is fine, I'm just curious and it'll make it more clear what the situation is :) 

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I think another thing is people put too much weight on the term "director". I even see that happening now outside of OCR with other albums. I mean I get it, you're coordinating this thing, you like it

@Brandon Strader to the rescue! Added you to the album group Added you as moderator to the album forum Let me know if there

i'll take it lol

Well not long after I started this album I became homeless and wasn't able to direct to my full ability. Not to mention folks kinda stopped working on their tracks, which didn't help.

I'm pretty sure that issue is over and done with for the time being, so I want to get back to finishing this. Also djp wants it finished so yeah.

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Is that what it means? :lol:

I guess here's the next logical question here.... are you going to step up as Director and put the thread back up, keep it updated and set wip dates and you're just looking for a co-director to engage with the remixers and recruit perhaps?

Or do you want someone to take on that role (as the director) and keep you on board as a co-director to do that secondary role of engaging with people?

Of course both roles can engage and recruit, but that's something to figure out later, and if both people are going to do it then some coordination will be involved to prevent stepping on toes. Honestly I don't recommend 2 different people doing that same role, it gets too confusing and would be a step backwards. 

If you're still interested in me helping out let me know which role it is you'd like me to take on. 

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At this point since I think stepping aside to be the co-director would be the choice in my best interest. Unfortunately I don't know how long this semi-stable housing situation I've found will last and I'd hate for this to fall to the wayside again because I became homeless again lol

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Ok, that's fair enough. Unfortunate situation. I know how... shitty... it is to live in unstable housing.

I made the mistake of not subscribing to this thread because I guess I'm still getting used to how these forums work, so I didn't get a notification of response, thus the delay. HOWEVER! If you could PM me with the information for a new thread (such as the tracklist, existing claims, etc) That would be great. We can get a new thread going so you won't have to worry about keeping one updated, especially if you don't have access to it, and you will be able to focus on more important things IRL.

Step 1 will be putting up the new thread, step 2 will be seeing where the involved remixers are... then I guess things will go from there :)

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Hometown Heroes
Created by Mirby, directed by Brandon Strader and Mirby


Welcome back to the Hometown Heroes project, starting up again here in 2016.
There are existing claims -- if you are one of these remixers, please check in!

The original concept for this album was to remix town themes from obscure games. However, any town theme from a video game will be acceptable, and optionally you can choose to mix in a hero theme into your mix (to use 2 sources for the mix). This is entirely optional, but will help to see the HomeTOWN HEROES concept a little more. It will be interesting to see how people interpret this, especially with heroes being in stylistically diverse towns. 

Right now we're in a check-in phase, so currently no deadlines or WIP dates. Please check in, and feel free to make a claim.



Persona 2 Innocent Sin - Sumaru City (claimed by @AMT)
Radiant Historia - Mechanical Kingdom (claimed by @Arrow)
Phantasy Star IV - Motavia Town, Dezolis Town (claimed by @AngelsDen)
Kingdom Hearts II - Twilight Town (claimed by @Tuberz McGee)
Tsugunai - Early Afternoon in the Village (claimed by @Ivan Hakštok)
Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire - Slateport City (claimed by @Chucklehofft)
Illusion of Gaia - Village Theme (claimed by @DjjD)
Ys III - Trading Town of Redmont (claimed by @Jorito)
Monster Hunter 3 (tri) - Village Theme 1 (day) (claimed by @Amphibious)
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Town (claimed by @Metal Man)
Threads of Fate - Serene Town (claimed by @thatandyguy)
Soul Blazer - Lonely Town (claimed by @evktalo)
Dragon Slayer 6 - Town (claimed by @Jorito)


Important final note, we will be targeting an official OCRA release. As such, the quality bar is a little bit higher than it was in the previous incarnation of the project. If you have finished mixes made for the previous version of the project, please submit them to the panel so they can be evaluated!

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Good to see this project making a comeback, the concept is so cool that it deserves it :) I like the idea of an optional hero theme incorporated in it.

Checking in. I have one track good to go and already submitted to the panel, and another one 80%-ish done. Both tracks are in the project forums too, C&C appreciated. The second track (from Ys 3) has another track from Ys 3 mixed in, but it's not a hero track. Hope it's not a problem.

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All sounds cool so far!

Some may have noticed this is targeting OCRA now -- no hard feelings if anyone chooses to drop out because of the additional work and stress involved with that. For those that aren't quite there yet but want to give it their all, we can still try to work it out and see if we can get you there. :)


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1 minute ago, Chernabogue said:

Nice to see it back! :) Maybe I'll claim something once I'm done with my current load of projects (something more obscure like from a Digimon RPG game).

Well... we could also try this collab-on-some-orchestra/cinematic-stuff idea ;)

But yeah, I have a current project load too that I need to clear first (like 4 of 'em).

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I like the non-RPG and hero theme expansiveness.

@Brandon Strader, I took my Legend of Dragoon track to Ivan's PSX album while this project was in limbo, but I also had a WIP of this Soul Blazer town theme and I'd like to keep working on that instead. I have some other ideas (and existing WIPs that might fit) as well but best finish some tracks first!

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Come on folks, get excited!

Here's what I've been looking at, it's really difficult to choose a town theme. I finally at long last settled on this non-lyrical theme from NieR


I'm not 100% sure on writing my name down for the claim yet, though, mostly because the soundtrack is so good that it'd be a bit of a shame, a bit of an insult, if I did something with it. I could mix it with a hero theme such as Yonah or Kaine themes. 

On to other things, here's a couple of Town/City themes that I would like to see someone try to remix, although I don't think anyone could do it. I don't even think I could do it given a few months. 


^ The entire game of Remember Me takes place in the city of Paris, maybe not quite what the project concept had in mind, but with games becoming more modern this is kinda what happens :)



For laughs here's 1 more town theme, though not one I would say is overly difficult to remix. It's just a really enjoyable theme.



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I've got 2 other town themes in progress that might fit the bill, but since I already have quite a list of tracks and albums I need to finish first I won't commit to anything just yet. And since I already contributed 2 tracks I'm not sure a 3rd track is a good idea ;)

I'll keep an eye open though, I like the theme enough to do one more :)

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