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(Round 4 Mixing) OCR SINGING IDOL!!!!! The OCR Singing Competition


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Ah, round 2. couldn't really get into the first track i'm afraid. Will listen later.

I'm sure it's happening anyway, but i'm rooting for some classic (hard) rock/blues in the future! Something that's easy to go wild over and just have fun with. You know, the kind of songs that make it easier to mask technical imperfection with display of energy, lol.

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I honestly can't wait to hear you singing. And I hope a lot of other people enter too, like the guys from round 1 but also a lot of the other people!

I wanna hear dem kitty purrs :3

I should be in, I've got half my lyrics written :mrgreen:

Fun fact: I've been challenged by my BFF to write about something as redundant as the original lyrics. Fun times!

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Oh man I'm not even going to bother writing lyrics, I'll just use the original ones. I could get creative but I can guarantee anything I would write would be so much more cheesy than the original lyrics just because it feels engineered to be that way. x_x

Dear god man why do you say that like it's a bad thing??

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So my mic in is picking up a fair amount of static. Gonna have some trouble cleaning that up but hopefully I'll get it done in time to submit.

This could be any number of things, but there is a lot of troubleshooting help available. When it was happening to me, it was a fairly obscure problem with a simple fix: disable your wireless adapter. If that's not it, good luck!

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