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When I was a young boy, I received as a birthday present the original Playstation, and with it one game. This game was called Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. That game shaped my now love of all things video games. A platformer with some unique character design, fun levels, and a great soundtrack.

Note: When I say "great soundtrack," I mean seriously great soundtrack. I highly encourage anybody to go look it up. I was considering asking someone to ReMix it here (or giving it a shot myself), but the original is so great it's hard for me to think about how one might make a unique ReMix out of it.

I have to know - has anybody else heard of this game? Or am I just spouting off nonsense here?

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I borrowed the original from a friend when I was a teenager. Finished it within a week. Simple for what it is, but it definitely has its charm - its

definitely managed to earworm itself into my head since then, and makes it feel really approachable to cover.

The question is, how am I supposed to figure out where to go while keeping the whimsical charm of the original? If a tune's to be given proper respect, it's through the heart, I believe xD

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I ADORED Croc legend of the gobbo's

but my GOD the game is so damn long i never officially completed it.

it does have a great soundtrack such as the main


All the characters are god damn ADORABLE.

caddicarus sums up my feelings here:

if any of you have young children i would highly recommend this game as a introduction to the platforming genre, yes it can be tricky later on but for the fun you have from this game it is definitively worth playing.

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I remember this game, but I didn't play it. My dad was clueless when buying games for my sister and I so this is one of the things he bought me. I was 17 and an arrogant snob when it came to my playstation, so I wanted to play hardcore games like Street Fighter Alpha 2 instead of a game I thought was for little kids. My sister played it a bunch. I don't know if she beat it or not but it looked pretty darn easy.

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Definitely loved that game... even the instruction manual was dripping with charm and humor! The game was easy to beat, but extremely difficult to 100% (at least back then). That damn black couldron and left/right buttons... The Dungeon of Defright... *shudder*

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