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OCR02913 - Super Mario 64 'Perilous Pathway'


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When I heard about the new Super Mario 64 OC Remix album, I was so excited to hear music from my childhood. And to top it off, Koopa's (Bowser's) Road was and still is one of my favorite songs from the game. So when I started listening to this song, I was really pumped. Though I was NOT expecting a Dubstep sort of twist to the song.

Let me say that I am not a huge fan of Dubstep, but this song is one of the few exceptions to that rule for me. When I heard it go into Dubstep "mode", I was shocked and rather iffy about the song. Though listening to the whole thing changed that feeling into something different. I actually thoroughly liked the song, even with the slight Dubstep twist to it.

So all in all, great song with a new spin while keeping the old feel from the game.

Rating: 10/10 (Not joking either).

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Dude, that freaking intro! Grand opening with menacing dubs building up, leading to all hell breaking loose was awesome. The dubstep was done in a way that wasn't grating or abrasive, but instead brought out the power along with the more orchestral parts. And then when you picked the energy up at about 2:20 to give it a little bit more of a DnB style of beat, I really enjoyed that change up. Haven't really heard many songs do that, so that was pretty sweet to hear. Good way to end out the flood, I'd say.

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I was stuck on the Slider and Dire, Dire Docks (personal favorites of mine from the game) remixes until I got here...

Now I can't move. :-o

The fusion of dubstep, EDM and rock is amazing. I use this theme as one of those perk me up / victory / I can take on the world kicks. It reminds of Vegeta's "Hells Bells" ... but with a punch...and flames. Can't forget flames.


10/10 :<

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