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OCR02936 - Donkey Kong Country 'A Different Kind of Peace'


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This is a pretty cool ReMix just for the dramatic and slightly tense Zimmer style of arrangement being applied to Aquatic Ambiance. The Scuba/Vader-like effects were a nice touch. My only complaint is that at around 2:30 in length, it kinda leaves me wanting more because it had such a great run while it was going and I was thoroughly enjoying it. But, I supposed that is where the replay button comes in. Over and over again. Awesome mix, man.

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So, you see "Aquatic Ambience" and think "Duh... Another mix of this tune..." But you don't expect to hear this - a dynamic, cinematic arrangement that (despite its length) is pure mind-blowing goodness. It's just so awesome, so amazing, so beautiful, so great - I can't describe how much I love this. The combination of pulsing bass, quiet piano-assisted sections and more powerful ones works greatly. My favorite section is 1:42-2:22 <3 Though, it doesn't remind me any heroic theme, it sounds more like a tune for a storm: both dark and light, intensive and so dramatic.

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