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Shovel Knight: Knights of the ReMix 2014

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Shovel Knight: Knights of the ReMix

Presented by the OverClocked ReMix Forums


Hear me, hear me, ye ladies and lords of OverClocked ReMix! The time has come for the grandest tourney of our age! Brave knights have traveled across the land to compete in bouts of musical prowess. Come one, come all, and join us in the first ever Shovel Knight remix competition, Knights of the ReMix 2014! Strike the Earth!!!

Current News

Match-ups for Round 3 of the Singles tourney are as follows:

  • WillRock - Black Knight
  • Hakstock - Propeller Knight

Eino Keskitalo and Jorito (Treasure Knight) are the winners of the Doubles tourney! Congratulations!

The voting stage for the Singles tourney ends Sunday, Nov 2 at 3PM EDT.

Voting takes place in the Public Voting forum. Check the Voting section for instructions.

Check the Shovel Knight Sources sheet for the tracks available to you as your sources for this competition. You must use at least one of the sources listed for your Knight in your remix, as well as at least one of the sources listed for your opponent. You do not have to use all of the sources associated with the Knights in your remix.

Remember, if you are competing, you must fill out the Competitions Consent form.


Singles Tourney

Doubles Tourney

Support game music! Buy the original soundtrack and the arranged album from virt's Bandcamp page!


All entries must be sent to me (DarkeSword) via PM on the forums. Please include the name of your bracket and the round number in the subject line of your PM.

I encode all MP3s myself, so please send me your submissions in 16bit, 44.1KHz WAV format. Do not send MP3s.

File names must be in the following format:

Remixer - Title (Your Knight vs. Opponent's Knight).wav


DarkeSword - Snow Problem (Polar Knight vs. Shield Knight).wav

Please note that the Knight names are two words (e.g. Shovel Knight, not Shovelknight). Also note that versus is abbreviated with a period (e.g. Shovel Knight vs. Black Knight, not Shovel Knight vs Black Knight). Your artist name and mix title can be whatever capitalization you want but the Knight names must be capitalized properly (e.g. Shovel Knight, not shovel knight).

Properly formatted file names make it much easier for me to tag everything properly, which ensures good, consistent metadata on all the files that will be distributed to voters.

You must adhere to this file name standard. If you don't, I will seriously consider disqualifying you, and I don't think anyone wants to be disqualified just because they couldn't name their file properly. In the past I have received really cryptic file names like gmrb2wip.wav and frost.wav, and that is unacceptable, especially now that the submission format is WAV.

Voting and Results

Voting takes place in the Public Voting forum. Things to keep in mind when voting:

  • Everyone is allowed (and encouraged) to vote.
  • The most important thing to consider when voting is how well the remix incorporates and arranges both themes. Production and enjoyability can also be considered.
  • You are required to vote in each battle taking place during the round. If you don't, none of your votes will be counted for that round.
  • You are not required to vote in battles that have a competitor advancing by default (in the case of missed deadlines or resignation). Generally, a voting thread for these battles will not be made.
  • You are not required to vote in specially marked Duel battles.
  • You are required to make an actual decision between two competitors for each battle, meaning you cannot declare a draw or a tie. This will be counted as not voting and your other votes for other battles will not be counted.
  • You are allowed (and encouraged) to vote for your own entry when voting in your own remix battle.
  • Do not post reviews in the voting thread. Compile your reviews for a round into a single post in this thread.
  • Post the name of the remixer you're voting for in boldface text.
  • Post only once in each voting thread.
  • All voters must adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct.


Singles Tourney

  • WillRock - Black Knight
  • Xarnax42 - King Knight
  • Helicopter Knife Fight - Mole Knight
  • Hakstock - Propeller Knight
  • Alexanderandom - Shield Knight
  • dusk - Shovel Knight
  • Neblix - Spectre Knight
  • Ethan Rex - Treasure Knight

Doubles Tourney

  • GrapplingHook, timaeus222 - Spectre Knight
  • Eino Keskitalo, Jorito - Treasure Knight
  • Jonathan!, Trism - Tinker Knight
  • Ghetto Lee Lewis, Jason Covenant - Shield Knight


How does it work?

You, the remixer, choose any of the Knights listed in the Shovel Knight Sources sheet. Choose wisely, because this will be your Knight throughout the entire tournament. Once all competitors choose their Knight, they'll be matched up with an opponent.

When the round begins, remixers will have one week to write a "vs. remix;" that is to say, a remix featuring the themes of their own Knight and their opponent's Knight. Because the game Shovel Knight features multiple songs associated with each Knight, competitors are allowed to use any of the songs listed for that Knight on the Shovel Knight Sources sheet. Contributions from non-competing artists are only allowed if they are essentially just session musicians/vocalists. The primary artist must be the actual competitor(s).

When the round ends, a public voting period of one week will be conducted for each battle.

The tournament will be single-elimination. Knights eliminated from the tournament can still compete week-to-week by challenging each other to duels. I will include duel remixes in weekly releases alongside competing tracks; voting threads for duels will be created, but voters will NOT be required to vote in them.

Due to the high number of artists who want to compete, I will be hosting a second "Doubles" tourney that will remix on alternate weeks. This "Doubles" tourney will feature two-man teams assigned a single Knight. The teams will also compete in a separate single-elimination tournament in the same way that the "Singles" competitors will compete.

All participating competitors and voters will adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct. I would also like competitors to fill out a Competitions Consent form. This is nearly identical to the Album Project Consent form artists fill out when participating in album projects on OCR. The Content Policy referenced on the form is the same one you agree to when submitting remixes to the site. I need this because if we decide to do an official archival release on the OCR BitTorrent tracker or through other channels, we need to have official artist consent.

So do I just pick a Knight? Is it first-come-first-served?

I'll be doing a draft for Knight selection. If you're planning on participating, please post a list of four Knights you're interested in claiming, in the order of preference.

Knights of the ReMix 2014 will feature two tourneys: a "Singles" tourney and a "Doubles" tourney. Each tourney will operate independently of each other; the draft will be separate.

If you wish to compete by yourself, please indicate "Singles" in your post. If you wish to compete as a part of a two-man team, please indicate "Doubles" in your post, and post your teammate's artist name. If you don't have a teammate but still wish to compete in the "Doubles" tourney please say so and I can match you up with someone.

Once everyone posts their lists, I'll go through and assign everyone their first-pick, resolving any conflicts with a coin-toss and moving down the lists as necessary. You will only be assigned one Knight for the competition.

When does it start?

The draft/recruitment period will last a week or so. I am looking for 24 people to compete: 8 for "Singles," and 16 for "Doubles."

I'm not a remixer but I want to take part somehow. What can I do to help?

We need sigs and artwork and stuff, so if you're good with the Photoshops, that would be a big help. Please wait until I nail down the visual design for this competition before making anything though. I'd like things to be visually consistent.

Can I pick Town/Tower/Enchantress/Hall of Champions Themes?

No. The competition is limited to the Knights and their themes.

Isn't this all just your way of tricking people into making Shovel Knight remixes for you?


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virt is on the move!

1. Spectre Knight

2. Propeller Knight

3. Polar Knight

4. Shield Knight

Oh, and about what time span (length and dates) could this last?

EDIT: Doubles, please. (Currently no teammate)

Silently wanting to work with Will. *nudge* Maybe I could work with Nabeel? idk

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Oh boy. I'm so in for this. I'll update later with my list of knights. This soundtrack is the best soundtrack of the year.

1-Spectre Knight

2-Mole Knight

3-Black Knight

4-Treasure Knight

Damn you Darke, I promised myself I wouldn't do any more single-elimination compos... But how can I not do this?

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I see 5 people have different 1st picks, and then there's 3 Spectre Knights. Would be nice if you guys could make some sort of deal among yourselves for the remaining knights. (I'm suggesting this because I don't want to lose my Propeller Knight :<)

I've been wanting to remix spectre knight since I set foot on that stage, so I guess we'll have to fight for it.

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We currently have more than 8 people who have posted picks. I'm fine with this; if there's a high enough participation demand, we can run another alternating tourney with a different pool of remixers.

I'm actually thinking it might be nice to do a "doubles" tourney alongside the "singles" tourney, i.e. instead of single remixers picking a Knight, having a two-man team choosing a Knight, and each battle will be a 2-on-2 collab vs. collab. That way we can potentially have 24 participants!

The two tourneys would have separate drafts as well, so we could have Shield Knight in the singles tourney and Shield Knights in the doubles tourney without issue.

What do you guys think? I felt a little bad setting the competitor limit at 8 because I know a lot of people love Shovel Knight's soundtrack and want to participate. I don't want anyone to feel left out.

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I'm actually thinking it might be nice to do a "doubles" tourney alongside the "singles" tourney, i.e. instead of single remixers picking a Knight, having a two-man team choosing a Knight, and each battle will be a 2-on-2 collab vs. collab. That way we can potentially have 24 participants!

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude. I would say hell yes to that. =D

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