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New Nintendo 3DS (3DS's successor)

Crowbar Man

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[Editing post with pictures BRB]

Not sure if this should go in the "Old" 3DS thread but:

Next iteration of the DS line has been announced (for Japan at least):

"New Nintendo 3DS"



(NN3DS XL to the left, "regular" NN3DS to the right)

That's its name... "New 3DS". Okay!


Improved 3D screen technology, supposedly no more double vision if you tilt it. Some sort of magic using gyro, cameras, and maybe better general viewing angles.

2nd analog stick built in!! ... well. its more like one of those laptop nubs, but close enough! Dubbed the C-stick

2 more buttons : ZL, and ZR. sitting next to the current L/R like the classic controller on Wii. Software old and new programmed for the Circle Pad Pro add on will work with these buttons / extra stick.

Notable upcoming games that can support 2nd analog stick: Monster Hunter 4U, Final Fantasy Explorers, Dragon Quest X, Super Smash Bros for 3DS

Faster CPU, though not much was said exactly how much faster. Newer software can take advantage of it, This may make some software "New 3DS only" if they choose not to run on base 3DS hardware. The built in software (Browser, eShop, OS, etc) will be updated to take advantage of the speed, making for a snappier experience overall. I'm hoping since there are extra features for the 3D mode this somehow fixes the slowdown during 3D mode you get on a lot of titles too, somehow. The browser has even been updated to support more HTML5 elements

Built in NFC: Amiibo users no longer need an external device for the 3DS, NFC is built right in

Improved Camera: While the resolution remains the same, the CMOS censor is better at packing up pictures in poor lighting conditions, a bad issue for the original 3DS cameras which need nearly perfect light.

Micro-SD is used now instead of regular sized SD. A software transfer program for the PC is being developed for Win 7 / 8

Backwards Compatibility: Old 3DS software works on it. No word on Original DS software EDIT: Wiki says its compatible with original DS games, so there's that!

Minor Changes Volume slider is on the screen now instead of base unit, Cart slot is on the bottom of the unit instead of the top, and Start/Select are moved over to the right instead of under the screen (Home remains), similar to 2DS. Power button is now at the bottom of the unit. ABXY now have brightly colored Super Famicom colors on the buttons on the reg. size, and simple color highlights on the letters on the XL version (not sure if this will stick to the US versions, since our SNES didn't have these colors)

Two Models: "New 3DS" and "New 3DS LL" (XL in the US) were announced together, so no more waiting a year for the big model to come out. The "small" model is slightly larger in both size and screen than the old 3DS, LL/XL is mostly the same.

Better Battery: On average both units can now squeeze about an hour more life out.

Price New 3DS: 16,000 Yen (~$160, I'd estimate the $169 tag we already have or lower), LL (XL): 18,800 Yen (~$180, I'd estimate the $199 tag we already have)

Release Date Oct 11th in Japan, TBA 2015 other territories.

Regular non-XL New 3DS feature only: Custom face plates! Nintendo is offering a wide variety of easy to install custom face plates for this model.

Games: A single "New 3DS Only" game was already announced, XenoBlade Chronicles, a port of some sort from 2010's XenoBlade Chronicles on the Wii. Not sure if this is a physical (cart has yet another notch on it?) or digital release

It seems mostly an incremental update like the DSi, with built in convenience of not having to use a bunch of add ons for your favorite games. Also, can't wait to see how much of an improvement the 3D is, because I'd love to use it more than I do now. I generally keep it off since tilting the unit at all makes it hurt my eyes, and the drops in framerate when I switch it on is too noticeable. I like my smooth frame rates. If this fixes both those problems, cool!


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Yeah, seems like Nintendo likes the Apple approach to their handhelds. I don't think their marketing has been all that great, though. Wii U, New 3DS... they really don't want us thinking these are new systems altogether.. which I guess the New 3DS isn't. Even though it's going to have system exclusive games.

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honestly I think part of the reason their systems aren't selling well is because recently they've been giving their stuff the stupidest names I've ever heard

New 3DS? really? it sounded like a joke when I first heard it, just as much as Wii U and Xbox One sounded like a joke. what is up with these companies giving the worst names to their products?

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Personally I don't know what to make of this direction. When I heard about the news earlier this week, I felt as if I was totally down for Nintendo having a cosmetic change similar to the DSi... until I saw that there was a game in development (technically a port) that would take advantage of the new specs and not run on the old ones at all.

Granted, there had been a small number that would only work on the DSi, but that wasn't the main focal point of shifting units - the camera and DSiWare was. And I'm aware the latter couldn't be done on the regular DS; but the way I saw it was that it was the predecessor to the 3DS's eShop.

But I'm going off tangent with this one - while Nintendo's focus to the more 'hardcore' market can be seen as a good thing for those that actually play games, the need to make an entirely new system disguised as an upgrade seems rather sudden considering the 3DS has been around for 3 years.

And if 'hardcore' also means more buttons, does that make the old Game Boy line any less 'hardcore' just for using a d-pad and a few other buttons?

See, there's my usual early skeptics on the subject. The least I can do now is just see how it fares and whether the move could turn out to be the right decision or not.

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Improved 3D screen technology, supposedly no more double vision if you tilt it. Some sort of magic using gyro, cameras, and maybe better general viewing angles.

Honestly, I think that this on its own would be enough to convince me to get one, if it really works. Because how the hell. O__O (Everything else sounds nice too.)

I fully endorse this product. I don't see any good reason not to.

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"New 3DS"...man, they just aren't trying anymore. Fire whoever keeps titling the hardware.

Damn it, I just got the 3DS XL and tricked it out with awesome, non-transferable Fire Emblem skins. Oh well, the upgrades seem worth it though. The whole "no double vision when you tilt the screen" thing is a huge win. Trying to aim with the 3D on in Ocarina of Time makes my brain hurt, so I just play with 3D off. :???:

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This looks cool. I don't own a 3DS so I may buy one.

The name isn't good by any means but I don't think it'll hurt it all. They didn't want to put a name like "Super 3DS" because it'd sound like a new generation rather than a "small" improvement. Or I guess that's why they just named it that way.

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I'm cautiously optimistic about this. I travel for a living, so I'm doing the majority of my gaming on my 3DS XL these days -- stuff like better 3D viewing angle and better battery life could make this worthwhile.

Mostly what I'd be worried about is transferring all my digital stuff from my old one to my new one. I know getting stuff from the Wii to the Wii U was supposed to be a colossal pain in the ass, and moving things from one 3DS to another was supposedly annoying as well. I've heard things are better with the new "Nintendo network" stuff, but I'd still like to hear details. Will my downloaded games be transferable? How about stuff like saved games and my Mii Plaza data? (Hey, laugh if you want, but I've been building that stuff up for years, I don't want to lose it!)

Won't be coming out in North America this year anyway, so plenty of time to figure these things out, I guess.

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(siiiiiigh) I've only had my 3DS for less than a year...

I mean, I'll actually probably spring for this solely for the performance upgrades, but dammit, I'm going to lose my awesome Dragon-type Friend Safari when I trade it in!

Pretty sure that if you did a System Transfer from your current one to the new one you'd keep your Friend Code, and therefore keep your Safari as is.

Also I will be getting one of these. My current 3DS likes to think Sleep Mode is "better turn myself off" mode, even though the battery isn't dead. Been meaning to upgrade anyhow.

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