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OCR02989 - Final Fantasy VI 'Toxic'

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Damn, there's some nice and gritty textures in here. Heavy drums, pumpin' bass, crisp production, and some subtle variation make this pretty accessible. There's some welcome drop-offs, and even a little bit of a classical influence to the descending scales (EX: the rondo-esque part at 2:48 ), which is surprising, and in my opinion, this ReMix just makes it even clearer why you call yourself the dropper of beats. :< Probably your best yet.

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Could not agree more - the work done with a tough source is incredible. The 1:49 section really is kicking and fun with the clipped melody coming through, and I found myself enjoying this song a number of times despite the fact that I don't particularly like the OST version of the song in the first place. Truly, in some ways, there's no better compliment.

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