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An OverClocked Christmas v8 recruting now! (deadline now Dec. 18th!)

The Coop

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It's early December 16th, folks. We've got just under two days left.

With five songs done and turned in, and my own song on the final stretch, we've got six tunes... and two of them came out of nowhere from someone who hadn't announced they were doing one. That means only four of the lovely people who signed on have handed something in. We can't let the good (and bad) boys and girls down, can we? We can't have the smallest album in this franchise's history with so many saying they would be doing one, can we? NO I SAY!

So those of you who still haven't turned anything in, think of all the crying children, teenagers, and adults who will be left sobbing because we only had six songs. Their sadness... their pain... their undying and burning hatred that will eventually turn them into world dominating tyrants, hellbent on ending music because they were denied the joy of more Christmas remixes!


Unless that kind of thing turns you on, then don't imagine it you weirdo!

I'll be sending out reminders this evening to all those who signed up, with images of musicless orphans in need of someone to give them their once a year moment of joy. So do it for the orphans; for the posters of OCR; for the millions (crowd chants "AND MILLIONS!") of people who grab the albums, but say nothing. Hell, do it for me so that I don't look like a failure on my first outing as a project head! In other words...


This message has been brought to you by the number 3, the letter C, and Lurch of Ladder Day Paints, who's celebrating his 50th year of providing inexpensive supplies for all your home painting needs for that odd Canadian holiday in question.

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Putting this here since Rexy's inbox is full... AGAIN!


There they are. Did you think I was joking? All the orphans waiting for you to give them the music they're hungry far. Don't they look sad? Don't they look downtrodden? And only you can give them what they long for.

And so we reach the final 24 hours before the deadline. It's been a busy two and a half months for us all, but we're heading into the final turn, trying to avoid going into the wall. I know rubbin's racin', but do you want to chance rubbin' those orphans? Who knows what those filthy li- er, I mean deprived children would do if they were sent to bed with no remixes. Cry? Go insane and hack up everyone within a five block radius? And would you go to jail for rubbin' them?

Don't tempt fate, good remixers of OCR. Send your remixes to me before 11:59 P.M. on December 18th, 2014, and keep Christmas alive for those orphans! Keep hope alive in their hearts! Keep anyone from being chopped up and stuffed into a duffel bag!

- TC

P.S. No, that's not a typo. I have to be out and about for a good portion of the 17th, which means not much time to listen to the songs and make an order for them. So, I'm passing those savings on to you!

So now you've got an extra 24 hours before the orphans go apeshit... maybe. They might just sob a little and go to sleep, but do you really want to chance it? Hmmmmm?

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You see that kid, and all the eyes behind him watching you? He's come to inform you that more remixes are desired. And should they not be delivered within the next three and a half hours, things will begin to go downhill rather swiftly.

So unless you like the idea of vanishing and your bodies being disposed of in unknown ways by orphans, you better get a move on... because I don't think crying is what they're going to do anymore 8O

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