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OCR03009 - Pokémon Red Version 'Polka Center'


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When Misdreavus become mischievous

On the night of Hallow's Eve

They fly around and deceive

With tricky intentions, they are frivolous.

They may inflict some with a status

And sometimes make them faint

But otherwise things turn out well

The frequency of battles get put on hiatus

The end of these Pokemon it ain't

Some other day they will scream their battle yell.

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Youth is not just a matter of age or of particular instrument, as this ReMix feels younger to me than some of the synthesizer-filled or shreddage-filled ReMixes on this site. It is a great piece, full of spontaneity, energy, and yes, youth. I feel the melody is particularly well suited to the instruments, and the adaptation is very well done on top of that. Someone's definitely having fun here, so make sure to listen to it.

Also, can I get a collective *groan* at the writeup?

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