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OCR Secret Santa 2014


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I forgot to mention that I did receive my gift a few days ago. Very nice choice! I took some pictures which I'll upload later when I get a chance.

I wonder who is your Secret Santa. :) I'm glad you got it, didn't expect it to arrive that soon ^^

I got my gift from Wes! Super squee Eevee plushies (the whole set!!!) and a copy of both Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! Thank you so much!


To my secret recipient, I'm still working on your gift, and I'm hoping I'll finish it in time for Christmas!

Woah, now that's a nice gift! And a Pokémon-themed one! xD

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shipped my thing yesterday - I've never shipped international so hopefuly nothing messes up!
I've sent it international, which I've never done before

Say Chernabogue - assuming we're the only two non-Americans doing this Secret Santa, who do you think will have which? xD

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I meant if you actually received anything! xD We still need to get to the bottom on who has Tables's package, haha.


It 'twas several nights before Christmas, and all through the condo,

Many things were stirring, both small and quite mondo.

No stocking were hung, because I don't have a chimney,

And stringing up socks just comes off a bit grimly.

The Pokémon plushies were huddled around the tree,

Looking for gifting on this (not quite) Christmas Eevee.

They merely wondered around the festive decor,

Wishing for at least one gift, if not a few more.


"Oh my gooooood, why is life so boring?"

When from across the couch, there arose such a noise,

That each and every one of them struck a dramatic poise!

Onward they gazed onto a most wondrous sight,

As their eyes fell upon the best gift of the night!


"No. Fucking. Way."

Santa Chu, or Pika Claus, if you prefer, had arrived.

Through many difficulties, his personage had strived.

His christmas bag, filled to the top of the brim,

With gifts for all, both for her and for him.


"Pika Claus didn't have your measurements. Sorry."

For Uxie, the Lake Pokémon, The Being of Knowledge,

He gave books and pens, for his application to college.

Uxie strained with tremendous might and toil,

To heave this giant gift, wrapped in red Santa foil.


"Remember when we used to hang out in Hoenn? Good times, good times..."

For Treeko the Grass type starter, who is proudly green,

Pika Claus gifted him a brand new juicing machine.

While not one for juices, smoothies and froths,

Treeko was still happy it wasn't yet more woolen clothes!

(Continued on next post...)

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"Do you have any idea how hard it is to shop for a giant dragonfly?"

To Yanma the Clear Wing pokémon, who's speed is legendary,

He recieved something that would make him almost weaponary.

Pika Claus handed over a Glock fourty-five,

With hopes that in competition, it would keep him alive.


"I wouldn't recommend wearing those in the tub. Trust me."

When it came to Vaporeon, the Poké of water bubbles,

Santa Chu was not without some problems.

For no toys nor devices were entirely waterproof,

He instead gave her shoes, which were at least rustproof.


"Yeah, sorry about that whole "series mascot" deal back in 1996."

Clefairy, Clefairy, the pink little Fairy Pokémon,

Seeing how tired she was from her Yawn,

Handed over the best gift of the gifts given that night,

And offered up a warm, soft blanket for sleeping tight.


"... Uh... Snorlax?"

Wait a minute, wait an hour, WAIT JUST A SEC!

What the deuce is going on here, what the heck?

I know who that is, that isn't a Pokémon!

Meh, who cares, Totoro not getting anything seems wrong.

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"Smile for the camera, and no one gets Thunderbolted."

With that all said and finished and done,

I supposed it's time to end this string of puns.

So to all Secret Santas of Two Thousand and Fourteen,

Have a merry holiday, for you and you and all in between!


Edited by The Damned
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