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OCR03041 - Kirby 64 'Aqua Tides'

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Anybody who believes that all OCR does is post the same stuff really needs to see this latest mixflood - the juxtaposition of this track with the Xenophobe one right before it clearly showcases just how diverse this site can be. LOVE this track - I too am a sucker for time signature variants. Well played, and I want to hear more!

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I love this so much :-) It reminds me so much of some of Bladiator's old piano remixes.

I can't believe there aren't more remixes of Kirby 64 out there, this perfectly captures the bubbly, quirky nature of the game. Your piano performance and arrangement skills are enviable!

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Ah this is a beautiful ReMix. Loving what you've done with Aqua Star here, giving it some of that Guaraldi touch and the whole feel of this mix is gorgeous and fitting on the highest levels. So good to hear ReMixes of Kirby that can show more than just it's crazier sides and more of the fun, lighter sides.

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