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OCR03077 - Gunstar Heroes 'Boiling Point'


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Hm... yeah, unfortunately it doesn't really jive with my tastes here. I do agree that it is mixed well enough, but I just think the vibrato was a bit much and the lack of a substantially long breakdown section made the chaotic aspects of it more memorable. I dunno man. I think it's good in the objective sense, but it's just not my thing.

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Yeah! A get up and go ReMix for sure! This has an insane level of busyness in it and I can see how this might drive some folks crazy, but never letting up while keeping it in line and not delving into pure chaos and psychotics is a pretty good feat. This gets wild as hell, but makes sense. Nicely done.

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Now this is one powerful blast of an arrangement. It has a tremendous forward drive, it’s a huge scream of “HURRY!” and feels like it can barely contain itself.

I really like the sound. It’s very appropriate for Gunstar Heroes, but it’s not that Mega Drive-y, which is refreshing. Lots of unobvious soundbits flying around like flak.

The gliding melody lines around 1:30-2:00 are really cool, providing a good contrast for the frenetic percussion and all the short note bursting.

The final third of the track doesn’t flow quite as well as the preceding parts. The part from around 2:20-3:00 is pretty cacophonic, which I think works all right in itself but doesn’t quite pay off in the end, as I was expecting it to build up to something, or the disparate parts to come together somehow. Instead, there’s a short repeat of previous material and the piece just ends.

Another small piece of criticism is that the orch hits at the beginning aren’t timed quite perfectly. It’s not too distracting though, I only noticed it on the umpteenth play.

Well, if overall the structure could’ve been a bit more satisfying, the whole package is still very good and worthwhile. It’s always energising to hear this one come up on the playlist!

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