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The Sig_shoppe returns


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I've had the idea of using the Babylon Rouges trio as sig material for quite some time now, I just didn't feel like working on it. However, since I had so little to do today, I decided to make this idea into reality and get down to business. These came out as an end result:




I personally like the last one the best, since the other two became a little fuzzy.

nice work Bummerdude


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Why does this thread always manage to become drawn into page 2?

Today, I've sigged a couple of images I've saved in my image folder for just this purpose, I just needed a motivation kick. These two are complete sigs:



While these two I only cropped and twinkled a little with the original images:



And some backgrounds:




Also, I made that card several months ago, right before the UnMod purge. It is one of my better ones imo. :]

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If I may. This >>>> your current.

Also, source? I'm assuming from the artbook, but I don't have access to my files currently so I don't remember. That sig makes me want to work on a Gwendolyn one...'cept the same computer that has my artbook scans also has PS and happens to be dead.

I can only assume that it's from the artbook. I found the pic while browsing /v/, so I can't really say where it's from.


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Hey there, I've just opened up shop again myself (I purged my old DB and got a new username). Any way my gallery can be linked to yours so I can just update autonomously?

I'm pretty sporadic on updates and currently my only two pieces of art are my two pieces of art in me sig....

I fully intend to do generibrand sigs that others can thwack names onto, though,

Edit: The link is in my sig.

Edit2:Note that my two works suck. I won't mind if you tell me they suck. I simply made them at 3 AM in the morning one night while bored.

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