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Xenogears: Humans + Gears - History


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I'd might try a shot at "into the sky" or "flight". I really like the epicness of that tune.

Damn vgmusic.com the midi's are always named different. Yeah it's "flight" and it def is an epic piece.

For any other electronic artists out there lookin for good source tunes to use.

'One Who Bares Fangs at God' or 'Light from the Netherworld' are some wicked nice source tunes for anything electronic. If you want them they are available.

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Hey are you guys still recruiting for this? If so, I'm interested in some of the songs that are available. I'd like to try "One Who Bears Fangs at God", but I could do some others too.

If you're still taking on mixers, I'll try to upload some of my stuff by tonight, so you guys can see if I'm good enough.

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We are for damn sure still taking on artists.

Yeah just upload some of your stuff and we'll check it out. Did you ever finish ur Earthworm Jim song?

We are still looking for a few mixers who do jazz, orchestral, anything with an organic/natural sound hit us up. We gotta keep the number of songs on both discs balanced to a 60/40 or 40/60 ratio.

So if ur interested hit us up, there are plenty of quality source tunes left. Actually this whole damn OST is quality, almost every single song. It will be really hard for anyone not to find a source tune they could cover. If you need some help picking out a tune let me know.

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ed]You know, I have the same problem. No one seems to understand that if there are open tracks, then OF COURSE more mixers are going to be signed on.

Why does no one ever seem to get that?

Damn you just can't stay outta the request forums can you :lol:

Maybe it's just people being considerate?

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alright, im back(i was gone for a day for those of you who don't know), the artist list and tracklist have been updated, and we need, at max 7 more tracks claimed before we move this thread to general

also, for everyone who hasn't signed up on the project forums yet-SIGN UP!!! :lol: that way we can get anouncements out to everyone by email quickly and easily

and whenever i am gone, avaris will be in charge, and i will at least let him know when i will be gone, if not everyone

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Thanks larry, we weren't goin to move to gen until we hit about 18-20 tracks. But the move could help us, thanks dude.

If anyone is interested but can't find a track or come up with a concept for a mix let me know. I'll help you pick out a track and come up with a killer concept to help fit your style.

If anyone has some time constraints and is seroiusly interested let us know, we can work around it.

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Sweetness anything irish is good by me.

We'll be updating a few guidlines for the project pertaining to the 'super mix' idea in the next day or two.

We are getting real close to our minimum track list, just a few more remixes. If your interested post away.

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The concept is as follows:

1. A Remixer may choose to do a remix in any style they please.

2. After a Remixer has chosen their source tune, they will need to decide whether the song’s style fits the Humans or the Gears disc more.

3. After the remixes are finished we will take “X” number of remixes and do as many 5-15 min “super mixes” as we can. This depends on how many concepts and creative ideas we come up. We will be using Ableton Live to create the super mixes.

4. The super mixes will be comprised of different rhythms, harmonies, and melodies from the remixes; and any vocals or solo instrumental pieces anyone wants to contribute.

5. The project will be released first, and then afterwards the “super mixes” will be released at a later date when they are finished.

6. Depending on the compatibility of the remixes across the board, an extra long super mix may be created as a bonus track at the end.

We have ironed out some of the project details that were not very clear before.


1. No tempo requirements for any song.

2. After the remixes are finished we will release the project.

3. The super mixes will be released as a follow up sometime after the initial project is released. They will take some time. No need to hold back all this kick ass music when it's already done.

4. Complete remixer freedom. Do whatever you want.

We are very close to our minimum track requirement(20), anyone interested go ahead and sign up. We got a lot of emerging remixers. Some posted, some soon will be.

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