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Pokémon: Forget Ultra Sun and Moon, Core Game for Switch Announced

The Damned

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Yeah, so we only hit 661,839 out of 1,000,000. That's still way better than the first one.

Nintendo needs to either advertise these events better, make them more achievable, or both. I only heard about them from other sites, not from the game or anything, and most people I know that play it didn't participate because they felt it wasn't worth the effort.

Well... soon Pokémon Bank will be open to Sun and Moon, and we can finally get our favorites from previous games into Alola. I think I'll take the old Gen 3 guys I got and give them a tour of the islands. Go beat up a lot of low level pokémon, make myself feel like a big man. You know, the usual.

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The goal was totally achievable. We only needed 100,000 people to scan in once a day for 10 days. And you can find pokemon (currently) unavailable anywhere else. So the incentive is already there.

TD hit the nail on the head with "most people I know that play it didn't participate because they felt it wasn't worth the effort" . Laziness is our adversary.

On the flip side, I can understand why a pot of FC may not be appealing to some folks. If they threw in an egg with a random Gen 1 Starter or something like that, maybe we'd see a higher overall turnout.



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Or maybe "hey, if all you guys participating in the event reach the goal, we'll also throw in a free Mew for everyone!" or something like that. The incentives don't seem to be enough.

Hopefully, the person(s) that Nintendo assigned to observe me on OCR will take these recommendations to their supervisor and we can get something good out of it.

Also: really, Australia?

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There is an update for Pokémon Sun and Moon. This update fixes a few glitches that happen during battles using certain moves and items. It is also required if you want to go online from now on, as the previously mentioned glitches affect online battling as well.

Simply go to the eShop and click on the updates for the game. You will need 296 blocks on your SD card for the patch and once it's done, that's it.

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I had a good time and am slowly going through my pokedex and filling in gaps. The story was shorter than I expected, but it wasn't filled with filler, so I am fine with the length. One more island would have been cool, where things could have gotten more detailed. The art is great, the music has been pretty good, and I am very glad I gave this game a shot. :-)

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there are a few loose threads which will allow for more story details through events as the game ages (one in particular that comes to mind involves a man in the desert near a bush, and i'm eager to get the pokebank update already so i can see what that is all about)

also @DragonAvenger i'm off all day today and tomorrow and can at least give you a pheromosa to keep

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PokéBank has been.. .well, not updated. It's till stuck in Gen 6 mode. But from a Japanese Nintendo page, we now have details about the upcoming new features. And if you happened to have played the Virtual Console versions of Red, Blue and Yellow, you're in for a treat.

  • You can transfer Pokemon from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow to Sun and Moon (we knew this waaaay back in early 2016)
  • Pokemon from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow will have at least 3 random IVs (this is big, a lot of otherwise low-IV pokémon just got a lot better!)
  • Pokemon from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow may have their Hidden Abilities (this is also big. Hidden Abilities can make or break a pokémon for competitive battling)
  • Pokemon from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow will have a Gameboy Marking instead of nothing/Plus Marking (a cute little extra feature)
  • PokeBank has an new function, National Dex, which can be sync with your Local Dex in your game, that means you have no need to transfer your Pokemon to your local game to register in your local Dex (this will save hours of transferring)
  • In the National Dex in PokeBank, you can review the history of your games, including XY, ORAS and SunMoon. The reviewed info includes caught Pokemon, Eggs hatched, wild Pokemon encountered, etc. (kind of fun, not sure how useful this would be overall)
  • Pokemiles can be changed into BP in Sun/Moon (but you an do this any way from the main menu when you start the game, so not a really big deal)

So, you get lots of bonuses for playing the VC RBY games, two of which are really useful. And the National Dex syncing feature will make it so you don't have to constantly transfer everything over just to fill it up. They know there's a lot of missing pokémon in Sun/Moon, but have decided to just make it easier.

I do hope that PokéBank will still let me transfer Gen 6 around, though. I might want to throw some stuff onto my ORAS copy.

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So, if you used the various glitches found in RBY to get a spare Mew or two, don't expect PokéBank to allow you to transfer it. Sometimes, it will work, but often, the app will reject it.

But if you do link to Bank, you can get a Mew-Z Crystal. But only on the first game you link to. So if you have multiple copies, nope! Only one.

Also, my plan to let all my Gen 6 pokémon sit in Bank until I could transfer them over, so I could get Battle Points, worked out. I'm just under 200, and I haven't even used the Battle Tree yet.

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1 hour ago, Red Shadow said:

please elaborate, i definitely wanna get mine to transfer over somehow

Given the glitch fest that was RBY, it's not surprising that it wouldn't work. When you use the old glitches to get Mew (twice if you do it right), the game doesn't care. But PokéBank does.

Bank has all kinds of validation checks in it. It's not perfect (you can transfer AZ's Floette from XY/ORAS, if you hacked one in), but given that they updated it to allow transferring from VC RBY, it's possible that it intentionally checking for Mews that were generated through the old glitches, or unintentionally freaking out over what would otherwise be a perfectly legit pokémon. Either way...

But! There is a way to fix tat. You just need to do all of this. But that's some crazy shit. It's just easier to use any number of the various Mew giveaways that Nintendo has done over the last couple of years, including the one from 2016's 20th Anniversary event. Or beg for a Mew from someone that scored a small collection of them fro over the years. Or wait until the Wonder Trade becomes flooded with Mews once someone figures out how to get around it.

EDIT: Oh, a fun little extra for those of you that transfer RBY over. Go talk to Morimoto while certain RBY pokémon are in your team, and you get some dialog from him about the history of those pokémon!


That [VAR PKNAME(0000)] of yours... I don’t know why, but it sure takes me back!

You know Mankey, right? I’m actually the one who came up with it! The boss told me to make a Pokémon with a bit of this and a bit of that, and that’s what I drew! I’m pretty fond of it myself!

You know, I thought up the Pokémon moves myself and programmed ’em in myself, too. So I never really wrote down the details or anything. Sorry about that...

We had a poll in the company once a long time ago to see which Pokémon was most popular... and back then the winner was Exeggutor!

Tauros used to be real strong, huh? I was the one who thought up that one. But Blizzard was a bit too strong, eh? You know Diglett, right? It’s actually basically just a character that I had made up when I was a little kid. I even drew up a flip-book featuring it then!

You know Mew, right? I made it. Everything about it. The pixel art, its cry, its Pokédex entry, everything. I just barely finished in time, too! It was right at the very end of the game’s development!

Can I tell you a little something, just between you and me? See, the Japanese version of Pokémon Blue was an exclusive release when it first came out. Only certain people could get it. From what I heard, that was a real pain for the people working in the shops that sold it...

We were all young folks in the office back when we first made Pokémon Blue to be sold in Japan. Now we’re all a bunch of middle-aged coots.

Back in the day, the programming used up all the space on a cartridge, so if we wanted to add something new, we had to clean it up first... First we’d find enough space, then we could make what we wanted... It was a pain!

In that one game, you could talk to the Pokémon following you to find out how it was doing. I was the one who came up with that idea!

I heard something from Masuda one time... Apparently the sound that plays when you save is different in each version... I gotta tell you...I can’t tell any difference at all!

Just between you and me, but... When we were working on these new titles once, I got told to come up with version differences... Boy, I was gobsmacked! But in the end, I’m glad I helped make them.


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