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Lylat System CLEAR: A Star Fox Tribute Album

The Nikanoru

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On 19/04/2017 at 11:51 PM, M_Blacki said:

If anyone's available, can I get a review of my Sector Y track? I've moved on to other projects in the meantime to give myself a break, but some criticism or even suggestions on how to improve it would get me back on track and be extremely helpful. Anyone's opinion is welcome.

I'd really like to help with some feedback, but no matter how many times I listen to your track, I seriously can't figure out in which genre you want to remix the source. I suppose it is mostly due to the very lifeless and cold sounding synths you used -- better sound design or new sets of sounds might be a good solution to give you track a clearer direction -- and the drums.

0:44 has a clear dubstep potential but you want to use a more aggressive bass and punchier drum kit (something "Beat Factory Drumz" could provide you).

1:27 introduces a few SFXs on top of a Hi-Fi track. It's a very good idea but I think you should make it longer and transform it into a crazy "SFX Solo" using various sounds taken directly from the N64 game (like Sir DarkeSword did for his awesome "Beamsabre Beat Zero v2") before slowly returning the frequency to normal in the last bar. I do not think adding dialogue would be a bad idea either to make the piece more narrative -- similar to what is going to be done for Corneria and, from what I heard, @The Nikanoru's long awaited Titania mix (see what I did there, Boss ^^) -- but that's up to you.

Many times you introduced rhythm guitars and then seem to completely forget about them. For instance, they start at the end of the "dubstep" part to prepare us for the next one... but where actually ARE they in that following section? I think having at least one organic instrument playing in a completely electro/synth song really makes the difference and helps giving a track more authenticity and soul, so please -- don't be shy with it (and I saw on profile you can play the guitar, so let us hear it!)

I also think your baby is too conservative so far. What would help make it yours better would be to drop the orchestra-esque drums and go for a more electro one in therms of compo -- something you start exploring at 0:55. Stick with a kick and snare beat, add some hi-hats and cymbals and make it hit us hard!

To conclude: re-think your sounds, add more guitars and offer new beats to you mix. That'll help us -- and yourself -- get a better idea of where you want to go so that we can keep up giving you accurate and helpful feedback. At the end of the day, I know this piece has the potential to be something great if treated right. It has that little something that I also could hear in @TheChargingRhino's very first WIP of Corneria and @Pichu's Dad's Meteor Base, making it coherent as part of the album.

So far, I can only suppose your track would make a good Hardcore Techno piece. If that's the way you want to go, go ahead and listen to this album (at least the first, third and eighth tracks). Hope it helps... I'm not sure :P

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On ‎22‎/‎04‎/‎2017 at 6:22 AM, classic_gamer_76 said:

(see what I did there, Boss ^^)

LOL Yes, @classic_gamer_76, I see what you did there. It's coming ... ! :)

On ‎23‎/‎04‎/‎2017 at 7:47 PM, TheChargingRhino said:

Nika- I might take up "Great Fox"

Source will be "Map" from SF64.

Going to be called "Battle Plans"

for now

Send me a WIP and I'll mark you down!

32 minutes ago, Trev said:

Yo does anyone here play bagpipes? Or sax?

No pipers have put their offer in yet, but @HankTheSpankTankJankerson, @Pichu's Dad, and @Theory of N have all offered their services for saxophone performances. Let me know if you would like me to put you in touch.



  • @Starphoenix has sent me an update of Cyber Warfare. New feel to this one, check it out!
  • @Slimy has sent me an update of Ode to Star Fox. Now includes SF2 ending!
  • I went through the Project Overview and updated the source tracks for the Great Fox Theme / Map Theme across the different games (as @TheChargingRhino found on her own).
    • Nothing for SF SNES, as the Controls theme is similar enough to the Map Theme in that game.
    • The 'Great Fox Theme' is specific to SF Assault. (I'd like to see this on the album anyway)
    • There are specific map themes for SF Command, so I didn't list any on the overview. PM me if anyone wants to claim one of these tracks.
  • I also updated source themes for Boss A (the Corneria Boss or Attack Carrier theme for SF SNES), and Boss C.
  • I don't have an organized place to put it, but I also have the Black Hole Map Theme from SF SNES if anyone is interested in combining this with the Black Hole theme.

That's all for today. Happy remixing! :)

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@The Imposter has now claimed The Awesome Black Hole. Welcome aboard! :)

3 tracks to go!

20 hours ago, TheChargingRhino said:


Now you can REALLY drop the mic. :)

Which mic did you get?

54 minutes ago, TheChargingRhino said:

So....Ready to do voice work?

No, not yet - I still haven't had a chance to sit down and figure out how I want this to work, let alone write any sort of script.

Since quite a few folks are asking about this, I guess I better get on it. :)

54 minutes ago, TheChargingRhino said:

Though I don't know how to get it out of mono...

Record it, duplicate the track, then hard-pan each track left and right. You can do stereo pretty good this way. ;)

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Idea for "Attack Carrier"

Yes, I used the soundfont for the beginning.


Includes the intro only for now, someone can combine Boss A with this. 

Up for the taking.

Meaning anyone can take this up, I just came up with an introduction. 

Was going to include the "Boss A" intro/some dialogue, but we'll see...

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Here's the original idea for layout that I had for the mass collaboration:

... but I also notice that there is no love for SF Zero on this album yet either, so maybe some Andross Zero would be good too.

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On 5/11/2017 at 3:03 PM, The Nikanoru said:

Here's the original idea for layout that I had for the mass collaboration:

... but I also notice that there is no love for SF Zero on this album yet either, so maybe some Andross Zero would be good too.

Can you make them Drive compatible, please?

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  • Liontamer changed the title to Lylat System CLEAR: A Star Fox Tribute Album

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