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OCR03439 - Donkey Kong Country "Aqua Wave"

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Refreshing to hear AA in a key that isn't C. Pads are warm and atmospheric like they should be. The lead sounds...half right and half not. I don't know the term, but the beginning of the sound just doesn't click with me. Really enjoy the sonar sound, little dabs of piano here and there. I would definitely play this mix super loud if I owned a dance club or something.

Overall well mixed, I could hear everything and nothing was too loud. Sometimes there's a tendency to make the snare super loud but thankfully that isn't the case here. Sir_NutS, what did you dislike about the ending? I thought it was fine.

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Well, the pitch envelope on the lead at 1:05 is a little weird, but I get the point; the slight pitch dive toward the end of its sustain adds to the chill blend of textures, so I think it works. Sometimes the tendency for a well-known source is to keep the melody intact, but I like that this isn't all that melody-focused, and actually has an incorporated original melody at 2:52 - 3:05 and the ending. The ending is OK; I think it would have been a bit more effective if there either wasn't a final sonar ping, and the synths right before it were sustained and faded out, or the underlying synths could have been sustained through the sonar's release (since it is a little spiky), but that's just a nitpick.

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