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Lufia II: Of Gods and Men


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Lufia 2 Cover Final copy.jpg

(Art by Zeth)

The time has come: The definitive OCR Lufia project is officially online again (Again!)! The Lufia series has one of THE great soundtracks of the SNES era, and Bahamut wanted to honor it with an album project. This was at a time where MANY albums were being developed on OCR, and this one quietly trudged along. After some time I agree'd to help co-direct the project, but even with my help this project fell into a deep slumber of relative inactivity. Bahamut's life became too complicated to continue this in earnest, and I've had school and relative job insecurity that held me back.

While Bahamut still has other obligations in life that don't allow him to dedicate the time to finish something like this, my time has cleared up, which has allowed me to take this project 100% head on again. I will be the director of this album from this point on, with Bahamut's blessings. All of my thanks goes to him for starting and establishing this project, getting it to where it is today.

In addition, Theory of N has agree'd to co-direct this album. As the scope of the project expanded outside of my ability to control it when it... spirals to the nether, he is here to keep everything on track. So far he has done wonders behind the scenes, and I am sure he will continue to do so.

Any music from Lufia II and its DS remake will be accepted for this project. It's a compromise between the original vision (Lufia I & II's soundtrack) and the later vision (ONLY having Lufia II music); there are quite a few good Lufia I tracks that were rearranged for the DS remake, so some of those Lufia I tracks have become available again.

This is a list of the music that already has a prior claim: if you are not on this list then you don't have a claim to this music. Music that's considered a Prime Pick is music that the album really shouldn't be without - please pick one of those, if one is available, as that music is iconic. Solid picks are other great tracks from the soundtrack, though they're less iconic to the soundtrack. The tracks that would be Nice to have are tracks on the OST that are less known, and would likely not be missed if they're not on the album. However, please pick any track that suits your tastes - I will not reject a good WIP of even the lesser known tracks!

  • Claim (No WIP)
  • Claim (with any WIP)
  • Significant claim (50% WIP)
  • Nearly finished (90-100%, without WAV)
  • Finished (100%, WAV submitted)


  • Opening Theme (Evory)
  • The Prophet (Daragan)
  • Battle #2 (Gario)
  • The Silent World (DjjD)
  • Parcelyte Presidential Administration / Port City (Flexstyle)
  • Mountain of No Return\Labrynth (bLiNd)
  • Battle #3 (Prince uf Darkness & Snappleman)
  • Tanbel Abandoned Mine (Rockos)
  • The Earth (World Map) (P.M. Crockett)
  • Priphea Flowers (Audio Fidelity)
  • To the Future (XPRTNovice)
  • The Last Decisive Battle (P.M. Crockett)
  • Big Bridge (Gario)
  • Soma Shrine (Above Ground) (Gario)
  • To the Azure Skies (Cyril the Wolf)
  • Tranquility (PabloComa)
  • Parting (djpretzel)
  • The One who will Save the Earth (Jorito)
  • Cardia Shrine (Artem Bank)
  • Door of the Journey (Rockos)
  • Battle #1 (DaMonz)
  • Rumbling (Jeremy Robson)
  • Flute of Sleepwalk (Abadoss)
  • Town of Abundance, Elcid (Antti Pylsy)
  • The Time of Judgment (bLiNd)
  • Logimos Shrine (Above Ground) / Towering Mountain (Vodou Queen)
  • The Three Towers (Bunnylord)

Music Available:

Prime picks:

Solid picks:

Nice to have:

If it's not on the list, it's open to claim for yourself. Any track from Lufia II or the DS remake are fair game; while I will be posting a list of songs in the near future, you can make your claims now. If you're a posted (or to-be-posted) ReMixer, the claim will be held (until you miss a date). If you are not a posted ReMixer, please either PM me a sample of your work, or send a well produced WIP of the track you'd like to claim.

Here is a list of due dates for this album (2023):

  • No more submissions will be accepted at this time.

This is the final, no exceptions submission date for the album. There have been a few folk on here that have wanted to contribute since the last album submission - which is greatly appreciated! However, hell or high water this is when this album will be submitted to the site again, so if the final product is not finished by this date, you are not going to be on the album.

  • Let's make a Lufia album that's truly worthy of the Gods!
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23 hours ago, Gario said:

As many as you feel you can handle. If you can manage a good WIP for two tracks and keep up with deadlines, they'll be yours.


And yes, Lufia's soundtrack is amazing. ;)

Okay cool. I have material from my previous projects and i link some of them here to show what kind of things i can possibly do. Not greatest arrangements, but there are certain elements that i can mold into something new for this album :D.



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Jorito, you would be a great addition to the project. Just let me know what you've got an eye on and I'll mark it for you.

Eitzpii, that's plenty to hold a claim for a 1st WIP, so the tracks are yours! I only request you send me some downloadable versions so I can store them properly, and once things get moving I'll give you some advice on where to go from what you've got. Welcome aboard! :) 

I've tweaked a few dates on the project, to account for the relatively slow start-up for the project (having no response until late January/early February counts as an extraordinary circumstance, to me), but seeing more people post in here with interest is a great thing to see. I moved the planned first compo to two weeks from now, but that WILL be when they start. For those that are less known, it's a great way to get something on the project easily and quickly, and for more experienced members there will be benefits to taking the compos by storm. Details on them in a week, where I will be announcing them on Discord and Facebook.


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My biggest problem is that I'm not overly familiar with the sound track and open to recommendations/personal favorites to take a look at. Otherwise I'll go over the sources and see which one inspires me.

Why am I here if I don't even know the game that well? Easy, great music and album projects are a great way to discover more games and more great music :)

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7 minutes ago, Jorito said:

My biggest problem is that I only know a few Lufia tracks (battle themes iirc, which I liked a lot), but I don't know them from the game but from covers. So I'm not overly familiar with the rest of the sound track and open to recommendations/personal favorites to take a look at. Otherwise I'll go over the sources and see which one inspires me.

Final Daos battle is a great choice - great battle music, wasn't a part of the project prior (due to it being in the DS and not the original Lufia 2) so it doesn't have a claim. If you want to look at music, start there and work up.

My humblest of suggestions. Also, I really like that track, as it was a classic from Lufia 1. ;)

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5 minutes ago, audio fidelity said:

You know I wrote and finished my remix for this album? Cause I don't see my name and the track is up for grabs. 

Apologies! I don't have the file on hand (it's probably on Bahamut's hard drive at the moment), and it's my mistake for not reaching out to you earlier for it. I'll put your track in the source list on hold until I get the latest copy of it from you.

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1 minute ago, Eitzpii said:

Alright! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to arrange those two songs. What method do you prefer for sending WIP files :)?

For now, whichever method you choose is fine. Just send me a link to your works in progress via PM and I'll be able to handle that fine. Eventually I'll start opening the project forums up for newcomers, but that's take me a little time. Glad you're stepping up to bat to make the album better overall. :)

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  • Liontamer changed the title to Lufia II: Of Gods and Men

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