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Reunion (Free Netlabel) News Thread


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Hey there folks.

after 6 months online i think it's time to reveal some ideas and whatever about this project.

We're currently working on our real design. A friend of mine is working as fast as he can as he's in London atm working with school and stuff. So delay has been quite obvious - it was originally ment to happen before 2007.

Anyway we're currently looking for alot of things.

I'm gonna apply for a new webhotel in the near future.

Right now Nekativ is in charge of that .. At the time when that finishes SGX will also help hosting the files on his server.

When this happens we will also redo the whole filearchive

placing the mp3s in .zip files along with some other convenient information. This was the original intention but since Scene.org

hasn't had their apply dir opened for such a long time i figured it's time to do it on our servers instead..

Right now GaMeBoX is the one hosting the files on his www.liquiddog.net site .. great thanks to him for that

Reunion will probably evolve in the near future from being a pure netlabel to becoming more of a mediacenter. Releasing not only music but also other forms of art. A gallery is already in development - where another kind of members will upload their art. ofcourse i'm the one who'll decide what comes on or not.

the forum will be a scener-forum with a lot of different sections

such as general netlabel talk and reunion feedback.

I'll try to keep the link section as slick as possible with only the important and helping sites - to avoid a big mess.

We'll try to make all this as simple and easy as possible with RSSfeeds and a clean layout.

that's all the revelations i have for now..

please come with opinions or general feedback on our site

here on the OCforum untill we get our own forum launched ..

would be nice to hear from you people what you think of us..

Thanx and Laterz

- Jonas Loman a.k.a Platonist

PS : find us at www.reunionstudio.org

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Hey there folks.

the first step into the new way has been taken.

the new release is only available on SGX's Server

at this point .. there will be a European Mirror up

today or in the nearest future. this due to lack of GaMeBoX :)

Void Pointer - Piepschuim is released

US mirror : http://reunion.sgxmusic.com/VDP-PPCH.MP3

Site : http://www.reunionstudio.org



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SGX is back again, this time with a rather unique track, which he has recorded LIVE with Abelton LIVE 6 Freestyle gives us a nice mixture of Trance and Breakbeats, Epic melodies and rough edges. Expect similar releases in the future.


reunion.sgxmusic.com/SGX-FRST.MP3 <-- US mirror

www.liquiddog.net/reunion/SGX-FRST.MP3 <--- EU mirror


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The Final EXCHANGE!!!

This is the last release with this layout, which means - the new site will be online soon If not this weekend then during next week. Sorry for delaying it even further into time, but this is very important to us! - so here's the deal:

1: cadra Releases a guestrelease today called Silvapump (Phoenix' Song to the Sun)

2: soon enough the NEW site will be online and all the files on our servers will be renamed according the system in our Torrent

3: Nekativ changes his handle to EE Jeffrey!

Uptempo Ravepsytrance to YOU! from Subco & Reunion

www.reunionstudio.org <- WEBSITE

www.liquiddog.net/reunion/cdr-SPSS.MP3 <- EUMIRROR

http://reunion.sgxmusic.com/cdr-SPSS.MP3 <- USMIRROR


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This is great..

I have had the pleasure of previewing the new reunion site and its really cool and stylish, i look forward to checkin it out when its done!

And now its time for me to make a promise.. By the 1st of August, i will have a new piece available for reunion to release.

/GaMeBoX (a huge fan of reunion!)

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