I Can Do Something That No One Else Can

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I am back with yet another topic. Yep.

I am on it today.

First things first- I have perfect pitch.

Meaning, I know what note is what in tracks.

Want a few examples? I'll try to get something up, have to record myself talking and stuff so...


Anyway, yeah, about the title. I don't know what I "have" but here it is. 

I can remember a song note by note, play it in my head, and get the right notes.

I can now play Countdown from Punch Out. 


And I haven't listened to the track in at least...8 months.

I also learnt Eye of the Tiger that way as well.

So? Tell me, what condition, if it is one, do I have?

Is it rare? Am I the next Mozart or something?

Will put up examples if I can. 

Thanks to all in advance. 

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Is it just me or are all of your posts lately just you bragging about this and how you think mastering piano is easy? 

I don't mean to be a dick, but when you make topics like this, you just come off as really pretentious.

To your OP:

A) It's not true that no one else can do it. I had a teacher who definitely had absolute pitch. 

B ) Are you sure you have absolute pitch and not just really strong relative pitch?

A lot of people mistakenly think that a good sense of relative pitch is the same thing, but it's not. Just because you learned to play Countdown from Punch Out or Eye of The Tiger (which are not exactly complicated pieces) by ear (and remember them) doesn't mean you have perfect pitch and you are more likely to remember music learned from ear anyway, so the passage of time is not relevant. For example, I can often tell what tuning the guitars are in and how to play a particular guitar riff or chord progression without having an instrument to compare. However, at this point it's not so much because of my sense of pitch as it is my familiarity with electric guitar music and recognizing recurring patterns and timbres.

If you can hear a song just once and without singing or playing an instrument for reference you can name me all of the notes and their octaves, what chord and what inversion, in order and be right all the time, every time, then you have perfect pitch. Otherwise, it's just relative pitch.


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Yeah, this post comes off as a bit of a humblebrag, there. Absolute pitch, while certainly useful, is actually fairly common among more accomplished musicians, as a whole. It's useful to have, but you can still make due musically if you don't have it. On an interesting note, it's also something that people can have 'fall out of tune' over the years, too, so it's not something you want to overly rely on (my absolute pitch, for example, has fallen about a step flat over the years, as reproducing a 'G' often comes out as a 'F#' - a bit of stealth braggin' done right, there!).

As far as your post, though, that sounds more like decent relative pitch, not absolute pitch, which is actually a skill you MUST have in order to be a decent musician. Virtually everyone utilizes relative pitch to a certain extent when they compose and arrange, and if someone doesn't use it well it's something that can be taught (perfecting it is something conservatories and universities focus on for the first year or so of education). It's not rare - it's something that's a requirement if you are to be a musician, at all.

It's pretty strange to come on to a board for people who've dedicated much of their time to rearranging video game music and boast that you can recreate music just by listening to it (and comparing that skill to Mozart, who wrote his first opera at age 12). I'm half thinking that you're joking, because that's a pretty silly thing to do - it's like bragging to other fish in the ocean that you can swim.

Just sayin', is all. :P

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