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ClanOCR: DS/Wii Friendcode Database

Arek the Absolute

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****NEW NEWS****

ClanOCR's first ever tournament is drawing close! JOIN TODAY

Drack has graciously created a database for our Friend codes!


Thanks to drack, we now have an online database dedicated just for us! So don't wait, start putting in your friendcodes.

Thanks again drack for taking your time in making this!



Starting June 18th, ClanOCR will be hosting it's first pokemon tournament for the games Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl.

The tournament style will be double elimination. There will be no seeding, making it so that everyone has a fair chance at winning.


Matches will be single 1v1 matches. Levels are to be set to 50, so that all pokemon can be at the same level, giving those that do not have as much time as others to level their pokemon to 50 a chance to join.

Before any pokemon tournament, everyone is to chose 10 pokemon that they wish to use and PM me their choices along with the movelist of each. Chose wisely, for these are the choices that you are going to stick with throughout the whole tournament.

You are not to tell anyone your choices, so that people do not formulate a specific counter strat against your pokemon.

The day of the tournament, I will post the list of people who are playing with their 10 pokemon that they chose.


All Pokemon lists WITH MOVELISTS are to be sent to me by June 16th. On the 17th, you will find out who your opponent is as well as their pokemon, giving you a day to figure out what strategy you wish to create with the 10 that you chose. The tournament shall STILL start the 18th. Your movelists will NOT be shown to your opponent. They are for me so I can sort through those that are legit and those who hacked their pokemon. Besides this, nothing else has changed.

Item clause is now in effect. No more than 2 of the same item may be used in your party. This rule pertains to all items in game.

The following pokemon are banned from this tournament:




























And there you have it!

Here is to a great tournament and many more to come!

If you are interested in joining, post in this thread or contact me via aim. Please do NOT PM me because my inbox will be full of people's pokemon lists and I do not want to mix anything up.

People participating:









-Czar Diego Rómanez XXXVII












ClanOCR Member Friend Codes List Has MOVED! Click Here To Go To The Newly Created ClanOCR Friend Code Database


Animal Crossing:

Brushfire2004 - 4596-6254-0472

LiquidGlass - 5283-8014-0771

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin :

Czar Diego Romanez XXXVII - 0774-0985-0843

Drack - 4940-0725-7802

Majin GeoDooD - 0043-9494-7763

Clubhouse Games

Drack - 1804-7307-6374

Kusabi - 3393-9465-0608

Jump Ultimate Stars:

Brushfire2004 - 4682-5300-3795

Drack - 1761-9535-0557

Mario Kart DS:

Czar Diego Romanez XXXVII - 064502-770673

Drack - 541228-024419

Majin GeoDooD - 511179-920723

Necrotic - 171860-880448

Metriod Prime Hunters:

Drack - 2749-4541-0245

Majin GeoDooD - 2363-2297-5344

Necrotic - 0043-6356-8872

OutLander - 0988-8593-7656

Planet Puzzle League:

Bahamut - 051641-285023

Dark Chocobo - 201965-578513

Dhsu - 536973-016783

Fionn - 472548-617526

MaGi_TekK - 476843-062189

Msyjsm - 339404-106994

zfigz - 279274-652047

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl:

andyjayne - 2062-5736-0353


arek - 3394-0235-2342

Atmuh - 3265-1534-6234

Bahamut - 2148-4623-2819

BlueMage - 5412-6809-2486

Brushfire2004 - 5326-7698-2587

Citris - 1289-4798-1624

cobaltstarfire - 3823-4992-4310

Conan the Politician - 5369-7113-7351

coniferous - 2878-6063-3711

Czar Diego Romanez XXXVII - 3351-0630-2271

Dexie - 4510-6940-6488

Drack - 2749-7572-0013

Dyne - 2792-7107-9139

Evilhead - 2878-6080-1062

Fire in the Hole - 1289-4704-6930

Graycascade - 1504-2479-4364

Hawkwing - 0516-3831-1077

IbanezNinja - 3952-3854-2581

illusen - 3952-3770-3007

JesustheDarkLord - 1504-2186-5796

LiquidGlass - 5283-4018-0771

Majin GeoDooD - 4081-2073-0458

mDuo13 - 4424-7983-2459

Mewtation - 4210-0473-2447

n2neee - 3737-6342-3957

Necrotic - 2062-5629-3345

neoforte - 1590-1512-6453

NNY - 4295-9459-0795

Oddllama - 1890-7731-5803

One-Hit Combo - 1718-9674-2234

OutLander - 4210-0848-4113

Sam - 2878-6098-8754

sinewav - 1461-2677-2209

supersonic - 4124-1638-6045

supremespleen - 2620-9082-6449

The Damned - 3136-3273-5995

Starfox Command:

Czar Diego Romanez XXXVII - 850-009-556-954

Tetris DS:

Czar Diego Romanez XXXVII - 833108-951563

Drack - 599927-092632

Majin GeoDooD - 261320-197915


Wii System Codes:

Critical Hit - 2865-9582-7305-9443

Drack - 0217-6307-3769-0582

Imagery - 8717-6074-7455-2679

just64helpin - 3150-6979-6178-7146

macjz212 - 4369-4392-5752-6000

Majin GeoDooD - 3317-9085-5483-3561

Necrotic - 7269-8964-0562-6551

The Damned - 6573-4948-3893-1408

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Posted in the other thread, but I'll post it here too.

I got an email about someone requesting me as a friend, but I haven't even given out my code yet.

"An owner of a Wii Console is asking permission

to register you as a Wii Friend to exchange

e-mail with you. This individual's Wii e-mail address is

w3846014814293617@wii.com <mailto:w3846014814293617@wii.com>

If you would like to exchange e-mail with this

individual, simply reply to this message.

You will then be able to exchange e-mail with

the following Wii address:

w3846014814293617@wii.com <mailto:w3846014814293617@wii.com>

If you are unfamiliar with this Wii console and

its sender, please erase this e-mail without

responding to it."

Is this spam or is this really what happens when someone lists you as a friend? lol

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No wii yet, however see sig for DS codes.

Edit: You're missing MKDS and Clubhouse Games on your list.

Fixed it

And guys, none of this "see sig" crap. It takes a while for me to manually type those numbers in when you could do it yourself and save me time to copypasta them to the first post. Think about it, going through the thread daily having to type in numbers manually for like 10-12 users would be far less efficient than for you guys to type it and help me so i can just ctrl c ctrl v

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Wii for Mii: 2240 7138 7917 0960

Bahumet, I'd try disabling WEP from your router for just a second to see if you can connect without it. Also I think I heard you should set the channel on your router to 1, if it isn't already.

Unfortunately, Verizon makes it quite difficult to change settings on my router :( .

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Wii for Mii: 2240 7138 7917 0960

Bahumet, I'd try disabling WEP from your router for just a second to see if you can connect without it. Also I think I heard you should set the channel on your router to 1, if it isn't already.

Unfortunately, Verizon makes it quite difficult to change settings on my router :( .

I didn't have a problem messing with my router and I gots Verizon...

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