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ClanOCR: DS/Wii Friendcode Database

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It's a lot like IRC, which I have no idea why the clan stopped using.

The clanocr room is a "typing" chat, but we do voice chats occasionally as well.

My university blocks IRC access, so Skype's good for me.

I also now have a Wi-Fi USB Connector, so I can play a lot more.

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Source code for ClanOCR is on the Projects page. It's under a BSD license, so you are free to do pretty much whatever. I'm kind of washing of my hands of it myself though, as I am very very busy these days. I'll drop by the Skype chat every now and then though.

I think that the first priorities for changes to the app should be something like this:

- Setting for marking yourself as online (enter in how long you are going to be online, in minutes)

- Adding lists of friends that you have registered.

- Sorting by category. (this one might be more difficult than you think)

Good luck with it anyways. =) I tried to make it as extensible as I could. It creates some problems, but it should be easy to create new games.

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Not anymore. I'm a licensed Nintendo developer now. ;) That's why Dissonance has been discontinued. Although I do toy with the idea of resurrecting it as a retail product from time to time.

EDIT: BTW, if you ever make any significant changes to the code base, it would be appreciated if you contributed it back to me. It's not required by any means, but I would like to keep an updated copy for my own purposes. The source will also be hosted on my website.

Email is the best way of reaching me. (It can be found on my site)

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