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hi. this is the official guild wars thread.

i admit, i've only been playing for a little while, but this game is fantastic. better graphics than wow, and a lot more creativity in it's gameplay than i've seen in most MMORPG games.

i'm currently about a quarter of the way through prophesies.

as of right now, i'm a level 15 elementalist/ranger specializing in nuking of a sort (i like fire magic because i'm still a noob at the game).

anyone else play this game? i'd love to play with some fellow OCR-ians online sometime. i've been playing with some guys from my college, but that gets boring when you're right next to them sometimes.

add me as a friend! my name is 'Cu Bhendhir the Red'.

feel free to post your pictures, screenshots, fanart, builds for your different characters, and accomplishments on here.

OCR players:

The Prophet of Mephisto: Cu Bhendhir the Red. level 15 E/R.

Orithil: Ku Shang. don't know his level/build.

Fishy: don't know the name. level 9 E/Mo.

Xerol: Conan McBrien. don't know his level/build.

supremespleen: don't know his name. level 20 W/Mo.

Souliarc: don't know his name. level 20 Mo/E.

Kakumei: Prosperous Vanity. don't know his level/build.

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You should check out the UnMod.org Guild, I had some good times back in the original Deciples of the Mix, which is now called...I think it's named after a Prot mix. They've been playing for a while and will help you out

It got pretty boring for me after a long time, but probably the best experience I've had in a MMO yet (hopefully War will change that)

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Can't remember if I got kicked from DotM or if I quit. I've had it for a while now and still play it every now and then. I have characters in both the Prophecies and Factions campaign (been too tight to buy Nightfall, will get it sooner or later) so if you need a hand, feel free to give me a buzz. Unseen Edge is probably the character you'll see me on with the most. Oh shat, wait, I transferred back to the European servers a while back...looks like I won't be able to help after all :? (unless of course you're on the European servers).

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Only played the weekend beta event way back.

Started a guild and made the Top 50, but we couldn't contend with the people makin' dummy guilds and raising rank by cheating, sucks :(

Was tons of fun when I played it. I remember one of my guildmembers wrote a story about one of our battles and submitted it the Official Guild Wars website (She was a college student) and got the exclusive beta and alpha membership. Pretty neat (Especially because I was in the story)

When I played, I made a reckless E/M and my favorite thing to do was to Phoenix strike/Inferno point blank on the enemy casters, usually worked until we had to fight the elitest super guilds.

The landscapes and models in the game were insanely beautiful, I had hundreds of screenshots of just memories and wonderful eye candy.

The PVP I felt was more in-depth than WoW since the same ol' strategies never worked and it would keep evolving, requiring you to actually plan what your gonna do, what skills would complement each other best and having a good team. Don't get me wrong, I love Arathi Basin and Alterec Valley, but Guild Wars just had so much more to the pvp.

Other than that, I know nothing of todays standards, economy, and gameplay.

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i love how the pvp play changes all the time, in terms of stratagies and all that. i know a guy who thought he developed the best warrior build - and for a while, his W/N combo was the best i'd ever seen. he had a 31-win streak going at one point =) but now, every time he plays with that build, he gets wrecked. he's weak against mesmers, and once people figured that out he was screwed.

i'm a fan of phoenix/inferno =) i've been using that a lot. i actually think that combo works better the other way around, because then you're doing damage during the casting time for phoenix.

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99% sure I play more than anyone else here at OCR, whatever that's worth. 2400 hours over the past 18 months, all three campaigns, et cetera.

There is no OCR guild at current. The last one, Savage Seduction, died from inactivity and the only active people went off to other guilds.

So Nightfall just came out a month ago, and I'm still mired in that. Domain of Anguish, specifically, was released yesterday and it is, by far, the hardest gaming experience I've ever seen in anything ever.

My IGN is Prosperous Vanity, feel free to add me to your nifty little N list and I will probably help you out with whatever you're doing!

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99% sure I play more than anyone else here at OCR, whatever that's worth. 2400 hours over the past 18 months, all three campaigns, et cetera.

Yeah you got me there. I only have 1300 hours over 15 months. :roll:

Here are all my characters' names and info (as I have no "main" character):

Sister Ayano: Mo/Me20

Raiden Astal: R/N20

Krysta Astal: N/Me20

Xavier Astal: A/W20

Luna Astal: W/Mo20

Tobias Astal: Me/E8

Celes Astal: D/E20

Daedalus Astal: P/W6

Amber Astal: E/Me10

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uh...ahem. 14th reincarnation of thread?


Overclocked Remix, my necro. Yes, this was in the OCR guild and yes, this was 12 months ago. I like to play with him the most, as I unlocked nearly every necro skill in both Proph and Factions, and all the Necro elites are fun to use.

My main is Azul Panther, hes a monk. And the coolest looking monk you will ever meet. Created 18 months ago, back when presearing was the shit and getting to kryta was awesome. The best moments of Guild Wars ever. Expansions ruined everything!


I don't play much anymore, as I don't have time. If you need a monk for a mission (as I am sure you all do, don't lie) you can hit me up on xfire (below) and I'll see if I can accomidate. Don't pm Prosperous Vanity, all she does is heal party spam! Azul Panther the best.

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Man I really like this game, but I can never seem to get into a guild that doesn't fall apart after a week or so, so I went guildless for a while. Then people wouldn't leave me alone, so I made something like 'leave me alone'. But I have 4 [3 are lv20] guys in various stages of Propgecies and one in nightfall [no factions or me]

I will probably be doing nightfall for most of the time, using Alexi Asleh but if you need prophecies help, just PM me.

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