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25 minutes ago, Geoffrey Taucer said:

Two reasons I like this place in Texas:

1) It's cheap

2) I'm hoping hosting in Texas will make @Sixto more likely to show up

That first example you posted was neat because it had a variety of rooms and even a couple "apartment" type areas. Is the TX place like that too or is it just single rooms and such? Just curious in case it pans out.

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Actually Fayetteville is a nice area.  I would warn that during the summer it can get pretty miserable down there due to high temperatures and high humidity, but it's generally somewhat nice.

If we're opening up to this state I can look around as well and see what I can find.

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Semi-interested. I miss hanging out with you guys, and at MAGFest (every three years or so when I get to go) I feel like my hangout time with OCR folks is divided up amongst hanging out with other groups of peeps, so it's never as in-depth as it should be. My availability is quite limited, but keep me in the loop regardless, maybe it'll work out where I can get away for a few days. :)

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So with Texas being Texas, I'm thinking either spring or fall would be a better time to do this. This spring is too soon, this fall conflicts with MAGLabs, so I'm thinking spring of 2019 in Fayetteville, Texas. That work for everybody?


Also, if all goes according to plan, I'll be spending the next six months or so building a house, which means I will have neither the money for the initial deposit nor the time to get this put together. If somebody else can take the lead, that would be awesome.

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