OCR03735 - Mega Man X4 & X "Flight of the Peacock"

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I think I stopped at X3, as this music wasn't familiar to me - rechecked the original and indeed, I never played X4.  Regardless, I really enjoyed this mix.  It has a nice melody, and perhaps it's the combination of strings and bells, but it sounded like a holiday festive track in certain locations.  Very nice!  Definitely saving for my offline listening.

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I wouldn't have figured out that this was sourced from the Megaman X series for a while if I didn't find the piece here. The delicate instrumentation creates an ethereal atmosphere wherein an evocative piece breathes. The crispness of the harp, tuned percussion, and other light timbres gives an uplifting buoyancy that is nicely accentuated by the 45 seconds or so of darker intensity. This is gem that anyone could enjoy.

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