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Winterlude - Holiday Gift Album

Xerol Oplan

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The idea came up last night, after a winter-themed compo on #soundtempest. The idea: Get a bunch of people together and put together an album in time for Christmas. Everyone does a track or two, and we get album art together and have it all ready to give out as gifts for the holidays.

Everyone's responsible for their own track, and as long as you've got something complete, it'll get on. Any style's fine, as long as it fits some kind of winter or holiday theme.

The deadline is December 20; this gives me time to get the back cover art together, as well as get everything uploaded and have it distributed by the weekend before Christmas. Everyone prints their own copies; I'll provide directions for those less savvy with printers.

FLAC is preferred for the format, although if you don't have that kind of upstream, you can do high-bitrate MP3 or OGG. Distribution will happen in two ways - a FLAC download, which you'll have to convert to WAV and burn manually, and a torrent of an ISO of the final product.

Obviously we can't go beyond the normal constraints of a CD, so if we go beyond 74 minutes (some of my family still have older players that won't do 80 minute burns, and I'm sure other people will too) we can either go to two discs or cut some stuff, and I'd rather not cut anything.

I'd prefer these to be originals, although if you want to incorporate part of a game theme into it that's fine too. We're not selling this or anything, just putting something together as a gift. I've done this with my own music for a few years, and it's always been a hit with my aunt and cousins, but they've been short and not really themed. This is a chance to put together a nice homemade gift that wasn't done in pottery class. Reply or AIM me if you have any questions.

Current Artists:

-Xerol (1 track) WIP: http://h.xerol.org/f/1fdfsd.mp3

-Suzumebachi (1 track)

-Garian (1 track)

-Julio Jose (2 tracks)





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I almost forgot: I did a christmasy remix last year of a tune from an animated film called The Snowman. In addition to my Carol of the Bells remix (which I now fully intend to do), I'd like to submit this other mix as well. So put me down for two.

Carol of the Bells (coming soon)

Purity (complete)

Purity was so great. I remember it was just released in the same week as 'White Skies' from bLiNd and a song from Overcoat and Skrypnyk. I remember listening to 13 remixes, I liked 7 of those. Great songs, great period. I'm looking forward to that Carol of the Bells remix.

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It turns out my family will be out of town from the 17th to the 22nd, so I'll try and have my track done this week. Here's the concept I've been tinkering around with.

Carol of the Bells (concept)

More people need to jump aboard this project. It has serious potential.

ooo! the first 15 secs. is so awesome it's almost haunting.
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I am liking the Album art...

Me too. I also love the new remix from Sephire, so who the album should be good with the song from Xerol in the make and I don't know about the other remixers/artists.

Anyway, Bump

It's looking like this is gonna end up being an EP. I haven't been able to get in touch with Suzu, so I dunno what's up with his track, and mine has kinda hit a brick wall.

So anyway...tracks semi-due tomorrow.

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