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  1. $!@#$!@#$$#@!#$!@#%!#$%$@%^%$@##$@$%# god damnit! haven't been able to check email! new email is magininja at gmail dot com. i've been busy your choice, but my track will be completed in the summer, on this project or not. if i'm past completion date, then too bad for me :/
  2. I'd be willing to lend live playing services as a violinist and clarinetist. I could also do some electronic composition, but my schedule is quite booked right now :/
  3. if anyone does need another violinist or clarinetist, just note that I am open. I love boss themes
  4. Awesome. This is some of the best industrial electronica I have ever heard in an extremely long time, if ever. Of course, these genres fit perfectly for the Devil's Lab. I don't have much to say (the sound designs are very good), but composition wise, it is a bit lacking. There is a repeat of the theme which could be done perhaps...at least in a different fashion, I feel. Unleash the electronica beast! That high pitched whistle thing is a bit annoying at times. Kick ass. I can't wait to see this on OCR.
  5. AWESOME. Two of my many favorite remixers. I hope to collaborate with both of you in the future. Maybe. YES IT WILL HAPPEN KTHNXBAI. Congrats. This is definitely awesome and just totally kick ass.
  6. oh crap. October 12th. thats like, really soon. oh crap. bah. id be so much more motivated if i had EWQLSO or something eh.
  7. not even just underdogs. I mean really, is housethegrate an underdog? Along with Legion303 and Jormungand and whatnot. also, those people (the ones who left messages) really sound like serious OCR project haters. This has got to be one of the top projects of all time so far. In progress, of course.
  8. omg you bastard you forgot your other writer for god's sake wtf
  9. hmm. the server that the forums were on were attacked, so Zak moved the forums to a new and more secure server. It's still to be set up though, and that's why you can't upload your WIP to an FTP nor have it rated right now. Just hold on tight for now.
  10. yes. but most of us probably can't handle another mix and whatnot. All you have to do to master is: - Set EQ on all channels, modify that - Change volume settings around thats basically it. It just takes a good ear.
  11. or just try them all and see what's best. duh. (yes, I play the clarinet too. I have an R13.)
  12. Couple questions... 1. When is the next approximate WIP date? 2. Need any remixers? 3. Will you take me if the WIP date is far enough and you need mixers? ...I don't have much, but I've recently gotten a ton of tools I'm willing to spend a lot of time on to master...I also like doing a dark Doom like style. ...if anyone needs a violin too...I'm here...
  13. so like... wow. and yes, that first page still hasnt been updated... i AM a writer you know! Also, I don't suggest you press the leader for speed. Projects are about quality. Really. Only causing conflict will cause conflict. Dur. Arek, my new email is magininja (at) gmail . com
  14. This is awesome. No doubt. The apocalypse-ness of it certainly emanates from that e. guitar. All quality and arrangement is brilliant. The guitar is one of the best I've heard. This is one of the few mixes that actually have a live violin without using crappy soundfonts for solo violins. Midee + Prozax? Oh, I know those guys.
  15. Hi guys. I'll make this as quick as possible. So, I'm getting a new PC. I've been sequencing for two years now, and I realized a while back that this PC in fact never had a soundcard. Interesting. I also recorded with it and the sound quality was not that bad either. Anyways, I think I'll be needing one. Recommendations? I'll be recording a violin, clarinet, and possibly a piano, but my budget is around $100 to $200 at the most. If you have microphones around that range please give me suggestions around the $100 end and the $200 edge. I'm currently looking at an SM57 About the sound card, I'd like to keep that at the most around $100. Please give me a soundcard that has great recording capability (sounds good post-recording). If you need any more specifics, just ask. Thanks, -MagiNinjA EDIT: I'd like to get suggestions that capture the cleanest, most accurate and fullest sound of live instruments...notably those. It would also be nice if it was possible to record multiple instruments (trio, quartet, etc.) at the same time.
  16. Guys, its an FF7 project and it'll stay that way. If you want to take up the other FFs, I'd be more than happy to. (Just be a supporting manager at least ) but really, I think I'd be quite dandy doin' collabs with people if they need spiffing up.
  17. I'd be willing to collaborate, as I feel I myself am not good enough to do a solo mix. Clarinettist + Violinist here. I also use FL6 (i do some electronica ) Also, I'd be willing to be a tagging + torrent manager or something for the project.
  18. i may consider collabing (as we both have FL6), but i have to fix up this orchestral fx stuff first I think this will be posted into the Site Projects after WIP 2, and more than 75% of the people submit their WIPs.
  19. hi guys. i have value now. Pwn. and do the writers submit a pic+bio too?
  20. so liek, i have to do the torrents!?!?!? wait wait, does that mean compy isn't going to do them anymore?? cool down the hostilities please pixie: my name is spelled MagiNinjA with a j, you make me sound like some punk or somethin'
  21. Awesome!!! Blake Perdue did an excellent job with both composition and samples. Although the violin and clarinet could have been live, they were well-programmed and sounded quite good, so IMO, they don't take away from the score. 10/10
  22. Seriously though, ClaadoShou, you shouldn't have delayed it. It just makes Compyfox feel worse for whatever reason he is feeling bad for, and IMO, the music shouldn't have to be released WITH the site. 12/31/05 - 12 PM EST - May it live.
  23. ...not even as just proof-reader?? Grammar? Spelling? two writers next to the main heads of this project and geez, Mazedude finished his track, that is freaking awesome.
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