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  1. But guyz, I remember the future (POWERBALLADS)
  2. I'm some noob. An UnModder noob. Who are you?
  3. Except you grow on people and are later liked by the general populace. This is comming from me.
  4. Oh god get over yourself, you're not fucking good looking at all ok. Fuck. You make a personal attack on my boy Syl, and nothing happens to you, therefore me saying this, should lead to no repercussions, unless of course the mods are fucking biased.
  5. Uhh.... Just remember there are a lot of other electronic artists guys, not just the 'big three' that you mentioned. I wouldn't get your hopes up too high. I wouldn't be suprised if it's no one from here.
  6. Some mod will eventually 'accidently' delete it.
  7. IE None of the following old unmod threads: Hentai Page Asain page Ass page Boobies page Elfgirl and catgirl page hmm what else Nothing that is above a pg-13 rating. Ummm, no random threads, no trolling, uhhhh, no swearing, no 'adult' content... Hmm what else... Basically, WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO, WHAT'S YOUR DESKTOP, WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR, POST A PICTURE OF YOURSELF, those kind of threads.
  8. RUMOR ALERT= (Will find link when I get out of shower) MGS4 may be ported to 360 because of the PS3's flopped launch.
  9. sort of...true, myspace is sorta below facebook, because you have some folks' pages who literally drop the "F" bomb like it's so cool!! saying F--- this, F--- that, F--- you!! but if you were to view my page, none of that will show up!!www.myspace.com/kid_thunder Notice...people been saying that they like what I'm doing with my page and everything and they like the song on here!! So check it out!! Your page is an abomination.
  10. Sure. Count me in. Put me down for 2.
  11. Get a more visually appealing site going... And I may submit a track or two. Hell you can have my entire first album if you want it, but that stuff is all extremely old.
  12. Julio Jose


    Only in small doses. He sees why its a pain. Sometimes the methods of proofs just completely elude you even though it looks as though it should be simple. Sometimes it's just a lot of busy work too. It's a little of both. Sometimes in a proof, you will spend so much time working backwards to move forwards, it's not even funny. Other times, it's because there is just a ridiculus amount of work required by these classes. Assignments really do take 2 weeks at a time. You can't just bs around and do them 1 or 2 days before they are do. It takes a lot of commitment, and as someone who isn't even majoring in the pmat field, it's kind of crazy.
  13. Julio Jose


    I've grown to hate math. The day I entered my Abstract Algebra 3 class, and my Linear Algebra 4 class, I came to the conclusion that, holy shit math is a pain in the ass.
  14. Time for a new sig. I changed my name back to lionaje soooo: I would like a sig with a camo feel to it, with my name, and the sentance "The hunt is on" in somewhere.. Oh yeah, and this too =)
  15. Intro was a bit cliche, but after that, it sounded cool =)
  16. Good job Beatdrop. I think the remix has a supurb level of production and is just all around a joy to listen to. As of late I havn't seen many mixes appealing to my standards/genre likings, but this does a great job of blowing me away in both sections. Download this track now.
  17. ^ Stack paladins zeal.... Unstoppable. Ninetails from X Command mission. Holy shit that dude was hard.
  18. Haydn if you need me to host it, just ask. I have plenty of room on my shitty angelfire servers haha.
  19. Haha that is a cool sig solid! Hey, welcome to the forums btw. Haha try and stay clear of unmod for a bit, they can be really harsh. Enjoy your stay bud!
  20. Is it ok to post wips on here? (Just want to make sure before I post one)
  21. If you want my WIP send me a PM. *MUST BE A MEMBER OF PROJECT* (KFC or snapple, if you have a problem with this, jus let me know and I will cease. I just really need some opinions on this)
  22. Holy shit guys, I just listened to some of the other work on here, and I am impressed beyond belief. Wow, there is some seriously stunning stuff here. Keep up the good work, I am hard at work on my Desert Palace remix!
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