OCR03790 - Mega Man X1 & X3 "Red Shifting Drift"

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I love how the two tracks mix. The soft strings doing the doppler stage background, the nigh perpetual motion of the chips, it all blends into a chunky audio smoothie. Well done, sir!

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Gario's always been a swell guy on the Workshop forums, and his contribution to this album is full of celebratory energy. The choir fills the soundscape pretty nicely, adding an uplifting textural bed to support the leads, and the brass and strings maintain the energy by accenting the leads. The stutter-crazy lead sequencing, though, is what really exemplifies his attention to detail when it comes to extracting expression and nuance out of generally lower-quality sounds. I don't know about his title though; I consider this track more of a blue shift to higher energy. :D #BadSpectroscopyJoke

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