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GAME: Goonies (NES/FC)

TRACK: Alternate Level Theme


Well, I'm back after another long slumber. It's been a while since I've created any music, so I thought I'd post this Goonies arrangement here before I make a video for it to post on my youtube channel. I made this in two days which is unusually fast for me. I am wondering if I should trust my ears or not.

I originally used the flute VST that I have used in past mixes, however, it wasn't sitting well in the mix so I swapped it out for a couple of synth flutes. Some people may not like it, but I think it gives it more of an 80s feel which I like.

Let me know if you think I bass and drums are at a good level or not. The concern is that I have a new setup now with different speakers and I'm not used how things sound on them.

The original track.


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Never played Goonies, but now I'm wishing I did. Upbeat, cheerfully, and quirky. I actually like the synth flutes: they don't try to hide the synthiness (that is now a word), but embrace it in a way that compliments the rest of the instruments. Speaking of instruments, you've got a nice variety of sounds in here, and by spacing them out (not having them all playing at once), it keeps the texture of the whole thing flowing while keeping the same overall vibe. As far as I can tell, this is a pretty good, pretty fun piece. Nice work!

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Oh, this is a fun little arrangement. I agree - leaning into the artificial aspect of your instruments (like your flute-ish instrument) rather than trying to make them sound realistic gives the arrangement a more unique and pleasant flavor. The mixing of the guitar is too much to the front for essentially being the texture, but otherwise the production is pretty good, as well.

Nice work, and I'm glad to see you makin' some music again. :)

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Really dig this! Relaxing and energetic at the same time. I don't think the guitars are too far up, and your bass and drum levels sound fine. I think you can definitely trust your ears. Also dig the detail put into your drum programming. Most folks don't seem to bother with having syncopated/dynamic fills and such, but you've got a really good command of them. Just watch out for the "third arm" effect, where some of the hi hat work overlaps with fills and whatnot.

And you can trust your eyes, too, for that matter! I'm a bit taken aback by the effort put into the accompanying video, since I'd have nowhere near that level of drive. Also never played this one, only the Goonies II, which, by looking at your video, looks like it was an inferior game. Definitely gonna check it out. Kudos! Looking forward to more ^_^

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