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Defense of the Ancients game coordination


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Arek and myself have been trying to get a game of Defense of the Ancients for a few days now. If anyone is interested please post here or contact either of us...we'd really love to get a game going.

also this would work as a LAN game as well, just go to hamachi.cc and grab their client (super small easy to use VPN proggie).

also yes i know there was a DotA thread in gen disc a while ago, but it's seemed to disappear.

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whoa i swore i just wrote a response to this thread...anyways

if anyone wants to play, contact me on aim or msn

also there is also the option of creating a chat to help coordinate the games...if that is of any interest to anyone.

I don't think this would be possible without a channel. Also, we need to decide which Battle.net server to play on.

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