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OCR04057 - Final Fantasy VII "With Heart and Soul"


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Wow, this was a blast from the past.  I had the original archived, so was able to listen to them sequentially.  The resub was substantially reworked, yet you could tell the resemblance.  Strong work, Sir_NutS / Sadorf.

DJP's quip about it being a


remake of a remix of a game about to get remade

underscores both the lasting appeal of games and the persistent interest of the community dedicated to enjoying and remixing their music.  Back in 2005, I had no idea I would still be downloading and listening to ReMixes 15 years later.  Though many of the artists have changed, some of the artists have demonstrated amazing longevity (very much including Sir_NutS).  For your dedication, persistence, creative reinterpretation, mastery of the bleeps / bloops, and hopeful submission, I salute you.

Here's to more great games to enjoy and amazing ReMixes to appreciate.  Cheers.

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