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OverClocked ReMix Re-Theming - Dark Skin 2010, OCR3, VGMix 2. Updated: 2012-02-27

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First let me say that the skin looks awesome. Only thing I noticed was that there were some images and things that I saw that weren't changed so it left a bunch of white space and images that didn't mesh well with the skin. Is there a way to change those in stylish too? I'll make the images on my own, just wanted to know if there was a way to change them. some examples of what I'm talking about, are the main background, the side bar on the left, some of the text in the sidebar, the read/unread icons, the collapse/expand icons, and the go to last post icon. Just a few things I wanted to fix becasue I have ocd. lemme know.

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Did a quick fix to remove the white. Main page still looks a little jacked, and doesn't look like I'm going to be able to remove that Google ad anymore, S'OH WELL, but userstyles is over bandwidth (with just text? o.o) so you gotta paste the code manually:

@-moz-document url-prefix(http://www.ocremix.org/) {
[COLOR="DarkGreen"]/* === QUICK FIX === */[/COLOR]
div.tab-container {
background-color: #000 !important;
background-image: url() !important;

div.tab-panel-br, div.tab-panel-bl, div.tab-panel-tl, div.tab-panel-tr {
background: url() !important;
padding: 0 !important;

div.tab-panel { background: #000 !important; }

Just make a whole new style, and paste this into it. It should fix things.

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Awww, I was thinking that there was another update.

Yah, it's great. Only funny thing is when people post 'spoilers' as white text, it comes out quite obvious, hehhhhhh. But yeah, that's nothing major, it's still pretty easy to avoid, as the white stands out heaps. (Ironic isn't it).

And yeah, blacks much more pleasing on the eye.

Oh and, err, wb atma?

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Well I can't say I overtly appreciate a gigantic red SAUCED logo in my text editing box when I make a forum post, but I'm pretty sure that might be a code mistake anyhow. My real question is, how do I go about loading this stylesheet in Opera. I read on the Opera Wiki that any userstyles.org stylesheet can be made to work with Opera if you, quote, "remove the Mozilla bits at the top and the bottom." Problem is, I don't know what the Mozilla bits are.

Then the only other question I have is, can I change the ridiculous SAUCED logo in the upper left of the page to something a bit... i dunno... less obnoxious?

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After checking this thread out, I installed everything to try it. I can easily picture myself using this from now and ever.

If it weren't for this:


I haven't read the entire thread yet, so I don't I know if it's already been brought up, but this alone makes posting rather difficult.

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The editor is part java, part it's own CSS. I MIGHT be able to do SOMETHING with it...but I really can't promise it.

i use a dark windows and firefox skin so all the input windows have dark backgrounds

thats the only way i could change it

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I think that this is how it is

I USED to be able to change it in the CSS. Darkesword actually wrote the original fix for the input boxes for dark windows themes (because the input boxes would force black text into the black input fields), but...it doesn't seem to work anymore.

I don't know if it's an OCR thing, or a Firefox thing, or an OS X thing, but it's not working on my side.

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