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MnP 127: The Granstream Saga - Cut Your Way


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Compo: MnP (Meat 'n Potatoes)

Congratulations to Coloradoweeks for winning the last round! As a result, she get's to choose this month's MnP source! Here's what she had to say about her pick: 

"i chose this song mostly for nostalgia reasons. The Granstream Saga was the first RPG i’ve ever played, and i’m a little sad to see that over the years it hasn’t gotten much love as some other RPGs of that era. i couldn’t remember much of the details about this game, but as soon as i heard the battle theme, all of the memories started flooding back. it’s a pretty short loop, but it’s a fun piece that’s jam packed with some really interesting bits. i can’t wait to hear how you all interpret this piece!" - Coloradoweeks

GAME: The Granstream Saga (PlayStation 1)

SOURCE: Cut Your Way


Deadline: 2nd October @ 1PM

Closing Date: 4th October @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 11th October @ 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  made by Trism ;)

submit: http://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/MnP127

The goal of Compo:MnP is to promote that "meat and potatoes" conservative approach to remixing: this includes the mood and composition of source tunes. It is up to the remixer to create their own personalization, or to simply give it a sound upgrade. Moreover, the compo is a great opportunity to hone your remixing skills and give video game music the respect that is due. SOME reinterpretation is recommended, but not required.

MnP Instructions/Guidelines

Rules for Picking a Source:

  1. All video game sources are limited to the 6th generation of video game consoles and earlier. This was due to community consensus, where people preferred to remix more retro games, than newer games. 6th generation includes: GameCube, Xbox, PS2 and Dreamcast. 
  2. I'm now restricting big name franchises (Such as Zelda and Mega-Man) to one source per year. This is to encourage more obscure games, that not many people will know about to be picked. 
  3. Make sure you provide me both a video and a MIDI of the source in question

Note: This is subject to change. Also keep an eye out, if any special rounds come into fruition.


  1. Modifying the Source is fine, so long as it doesn't sound completely separate from its original intent. 
  2. If you're gonna do a genre change, at least make sure the original aspect of the source is not lost.
  3. Tempo changes are fine, as long as it's not a big change. I'm talking like, going from 80bpm to 140bpm. 
  4. Submissions must be at a maximum of 20mb (keeping in step with ThaSauce's file size max), and submitted as a MP3 file.
  5. Only 1 entry per participant. Previous winner cannot participate but can submit a BONUS entry. 
  6. Try to avoid making quality-based comments on submissions until after the Round is concluded.  It is to avoid a Bias in Votes.

- When picking a source tune, make sure it has a MIDI to make people's lives easier.
- In-game sound FX are permitted, so long as they don't comprise the whole track (i.e. replacing entire MIDI tracks with just sfx)

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And I think I've broken my record...and possibly something is wrong with me. Not sure which of those or if its both and I cannot figure out which is which.

Edit - Seriously, I think I've broken my previous record for getting one these tracks out. It was like 3 days, but this took me about 36 hours including revising the mix some (well a lot). And really that makes me question if something is wrong with me lol

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On 9/4/2021 at 7:48 PM, The Vodoú Queen said:

But what key is the source in? (I can't tell solely by ear, yet...)

I THINK it's Key of D (two sharps), but there's a lot of accidentals. I'm not real proficient with music theory, so I may be incorrect.
And I'm all kinds of pumped for this source, love battle music!

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On 9/5/2021 at 3:48 AM, The Vodoú Queen said:


Sorry I'm kinda bad at this and don't mean to be a dummy...

But what key is the source in? (I can't tell solely by ear, yet...)

Cut Your Way sounds like G minor to me. The second half of the source modulates between Gb Flat and Bb Flat, before jumping up to a C Augmented chord, then back to G (I reposted this from the Golden Sun thread, just because it's essentially the same thing).

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On 9/5/2021 at 1:07 PM, APZX said:

It has worked in the past, so I'm going to try and Trancifiy this a bit. We'll see how it plays out. I'll probably be a bit beyond the definition of MnP though with it.

MnP isn't really about 1-1. It's about respecting the original intent of the source. It's outlined by number 2 in the guidelines. 

  1. If you're gonna do a genre change, at least make sure the original aspect of the source is not lost.

This really is the key, into ensuring creative freedom. Do whatever the hell you want, as long as the original aspect of the source is not lost basically lol. This includes Trancifying the source.

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On 9/10/2021 at 12:35 PM, colorado weeks said:

i realize most of me remixing video game music ends up being a "will it salsa" moment, and most of the time it's a resounding "no"

hopefully this time it'll stick????

You know listening back, it actually works haha. You only need to change the drums, everything else stays 😆

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