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PRC434 - Racing to the Future (Scorcher)


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The People's Remix Competition 434

Hello everyone and Welcome to the People's Remix Competition!

In PRC432 it was TheVideoGamer who was the winner. Souperion (bonus), TheVodouQueen, APZX and Wassup Thunder aso particpated.


On 9/19/2021 at 2:38 AM, TheVideoGamer said:

The last few rounds have been pretty organic in sound, so let's go 180 an really go all out in electronica. This is also pretty lengthy, structured almost like a full song running at 7 minutes.

The game we are talking about is Scorcher, a futuristic racing game involving motorcycles. It's not a commonly recognised game, only certain diehards might even know about it, and if you actually play the game, your getting not much of a immersive experience. It's a fun game, but that's about it. It's got a pretty negative rep, both for it's difficulty, and the shortage of race tracks. However you may notice it's developed by Zyrinx, who are known for their beautiful graphics, and difficulty curve. Zyrinx eventually became IO Interactive, after the parent company went bankrupt. The game company might be familiar to some as it houses their own inhouse composer Jesper Kyd. This game is one of his lesser known moments, as people usually think Hitman or Assassin's Creed when Jesper Kyd comes to mind, which is sad, because this soundtrack should not be ignored.

Scorcher also remains the most technical video game in terms of Graphical developments. Some say it's the most attractive game at the time, this company was really renowned for their super hi-tech advanced graphical capabilities. Honestly not much else in terms of the game, no significant history behind it. Instead we should move on to music, which is a must listen. 

The soundtrack plays to the strength's of Jesper Kyd, who at the time was heavily digesting rave music, which you can clearly tell it's from that era. Now since this was released in 1996 a lot of the music does kind of feel representative of it's time, but there are tracks you don't often hear in a video game. The Downtown level really goes for a full industrial techno approach, but that's not the track i picked. Instead i went for a track called Suburbs (Which are the names of the stages). This one is a full on 90's hard trance number with lots of bass. It's like a bass overload lol. It has a lovely well developed but simplistic melody, some great developments throughout, and a breakdown where it goes into a full rich chord sequence and ambience. Now yes this is quite the repetitive tune, most of it is 1-4 bars of material looped for quite some time, but the beauty of electronic music, is that it gives you the canvas to create and explore. You can add to this, make it rich and exciting. The tune is amazing on it's own, it's so groovy, but with the hands of you guys, it will become something magical. Hope you do this one justice.

Note: There is also a PC port of this game, which not only transforms all the tracks into CD audio, it also includes 2 exclusive tracks, which are pretty cool too. However the Suburbs track is exactly the same on both versions, so there's not much to worry about. I thought that since it's CD audio the sounds would be different, however it's not. Just writing this to avoid confusion.

GAME: Scorcher (Sega Saturn)

Source: Suburbs

Also note: It's listed as Track 2 on the video, but that's an error on the uploaders behalf. The actual name is Suburbs.

And as expected from me, my own custom MIDI:


Source: Scorcher (SEGA Saturn) - Suburbs





The deadline is Wednesday October 20th 2021 at 10:59 am ThaSauce time (18:00 UTC, 19:00 GMT), check the link https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/PRC434 for the exact time left. Make sure that the song is uploaded to ThaSauce or that there’s a download link posted in this thread. 

You may enter as many mixes as you like and work with as many people as you like on each mix. You are free to create a second ThaSauce account for that if you use ThaSauce, it's needed to be able to upload a second remix if you use ThaSauce. Of course you can also upload it somewhere else and put a download link in this thread.

Do not make qualitative comments on an entry until the results of the vote have been posted in this thread.

Mixers cannot vote for themselves but if they vote they receive a free first place vote added onto their score.

The winner of this round may select the source for PRC436.

TheVideoGamer can enter with a bonus song and has a double vote.


You can find the full rules list at this page as well.




PRC Home Page

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7 hours ago, Wassup Thunder said:

A racing game remix? Sounds like I should go study up eurobeat again ?. This source is pretty dang cool, think I'll practice some more synthetic stuff for it (as much as I'd love to hear a fully orchestrated take on it, haha!)

It has a chord progression and a kind of simplistic free-flowing melody, i don't see why you can't do an orchestration on it? It would be fun.

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Welcome to the voting stage

The mixing stage is over. This round has 5 songs and 1 bonus mix by TheVideoGamerThe following people compete against each other:




Wassup Thunder



To vote, do the following:

Visit https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/PRC434 and listen to all the entries

Scroll to the form at the bottom of the screen or click PM.

Fill in the entries from first to third in the ThaSauce form or fill in your top 3.

State a reasoning for it.

Participants are encouraged to vote and leave feedback. They get a 3 point bonus, but they are not allowed to vote for their own track. 

Always look in this thread to find out who's the winner of the round after the voting stage instead of only looking at ThaSauce for the results.


You have until Monday October 25th 2021 6:59 AM ThaSauce time (11:00 UTC, 12:00 GMT) to vote.


If you vote by PM make sure that your top 3 is clear. I prefer something like this:



PRC ### Vote


1: (remixer A )

2: (remixer B )

3: (remixer C )



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It's results time.

TheVideoGamer submitted a bonus song.

Marcusg collected 4 points and the last place wooden spoon.

Souperion got 8 points and fourth place.

Wassup Thunder received 13 points and third place.

APZX gathered 15 points and second place.

And the winner of PRC434 is Studionimbus.org with 16 points.

Studionimbus.org you are the winner. It was very close, but the victory is for you again. You may pick a source for PRC436. Send the source to me (with a MID/MP3 file, otherwise send a second source with a MID file) by PM, other options are PM me @ ThaSauce or by e-mailing to bambombim@gmail.com (I prefer a PM @Ocremix). Send your source as fast as you can, but before next Wednesday (3 November 2021), 11:00 AM ThaSauce time (18:00 UTC, 19:00 GMT).

You may select any source from any game, but not a source with an OverClocked remix or a source which has been used in PRC before. An overview of the past PRC's can be found in the following links (I recently updated this site):


http://bambombim.googlepages.com/PRCRemixList.doc (also downloadable via the link above).

https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/PRC434 for the votes and comments.


PRC435 already started:


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  • 2 weeks later...

Everything about my absence is explained in the Final Fantasy round, but i just want you to know, i'm still here, and i'm feeling good now. As with the FF round, i too didn't vote for Scorcher, so i'm going to do it here. Great work you guys!

Before i start with the voting, i want to explain why i think Suburbs is a trance piece (In contrast to what APZX said. Not disagreeing with you, just offering my contrasting thoughts).

1. To be considered a house track, this would have to be around 120-130bpm. The BPM here is 150.
2. It's quite a synth heavy tune, with a large amount of bass. Genres like Progressive House are more minimalistic, and relies more on build-ups. This track doesn't
really have a build-up as such.
3. The kickdrum is pretty hard hitting, and functions almost like a pulse. I don't focus too much on the kick when i listen to progressive house.
4. While there is overlap in terms of sound, when you put side-by-side Trance and Prog House, i feel Prog House has close roots to the house genre, so the melodies
feel less futuristic, and more Jazzy in a way.
5. It's probably just me, but it just sounds like trance when i listen to it, who knows.

Again i'm not saying your wrong, it's great that you think differently. However if you are curious as to why i think it's trance, i've made essentially a list of 
reasons why. As people say "Agree to Disagree". 

Anyways to the entries:

studionimbus.org - Great intro, really sets the mood for a science fiction epic. It's also interesting seeing how people have approached this tune, since it's a looping
based tune, reliant on 1 bar of material stretched for a few seconds/minutes. The structure is almost completely different, it feels like a complete different idea than
the original, but yet it still sounds like Scorcher. Great drum work and impacts. The drums really get vibing around 1-2 minutes in. The bass and main melody work super
well it's amazing. The mix is super tight, the kick is really nice done in this one. I also dig you creating more melody to this one, since the original doesn't have
much of a melody than you think, just looped riff's really. Personally i don't like the vocal samples, they're overused, and i do feel the kick could be more of a dance
like kick, than a 80's drum machine. But i base than on a more mixing thing, than a sound thing, and honestly it's not a big deal, i feel it works either way. The way
you've switched the chords is amazing. Like you've really gone out for the harmony, turning simple loops into something magical. It's sooo good. I also really like how
you still have a bit of a faithful rendition. You didn't go full 180, despite that changes in the arrangement. All in all, some seriously awesome ideas. Well done!

APZX - Great kick, really nice and full. Super into the bassline, it's very juicy, and fits the vibe perfectly. Love the background ambience, really transforms it form
a simple trance-ish tune into a very spacious electronic piece. Also like how you followed along the minimalism from the original and made something your own.
The synth sounds also seem to work very well in this context, it's not too intense, and favours more sparkly atmosphere, than straight forward riff material. It is hard
to make this sound good in a sense, because you are given 1 bar loops. This is why i like the composition, because it showcases why i love and in a way sort of hate
90's dance music. They seemed to make simplicity the new effective if you will. Great switch into the chords, doesn't feel jarring or sudden, definately felt necessary.
The whole mix is really nice, like super nice, i feel you managed to lock into the vibe of the track, it just feels right for you. The only critique i can really 
suggest, is maybe use more of the main melody, because i feel that was the star of the show, and in this case it's not really used. I also feel your trying to set a
synth solo/melody to this, which is a lovely idea, but i feel it get's masked, more as a background sound/instrument. I also kind of feel like that when the whole track
does climax into a big build-up and drop. Every sound is fighting for a spot, there's no unity, so i can't tell what instrument should be the star, which should support
it, which should provide the low end. That's really all i have. The track itself though again is super nice, and definately plays to your strengths. I love the synth
sounds a lot, the drums fit well with the genre, and the arrangement kept me interested throughout. Well done!

Wassup Thunder - This one is a more closer to home, and kind of really showcases the simplicity of the original, which is great. The last 2 entries, really sought 
about making it grand and epic, almost like a warehouse rave or something. This one feels more like a futuristic electronic piece, with a hint of organic moments.
I do love the guitar, it really feels like it belongs as a 80's rendition, it's awesome. I also like how you managed to really bring out a diverse range of synths,
everyone has a unique function, and does not feel like it just sits there for the sake of sitting there. I'm kind of glad i made mine into a bit of a goofy mess,
because i'm more interested in each interpretation, and some of the interpretations can get pretty epic. It's also nice that people respect the sources intentions
at parts. The only critique i have, is i feel the chord progression at the middle, of the original source, isn't used enough, even though you say that is your focus.
I don't know, maybe i just like the cool chord progression enough. I hear it a lot at the end, so this feels more like a nitpick than a critique. Honestly i can't
find any critique really, it's just your signature sound, done very well for this kind of arrangement. I loved the synths used, and for 5 minutes, did not bore me.
Well done!

Souperion - Amazed at how everyone went pretty much full synth. I know that's the intention of the original composition, but it's interesting how people ran with that
and made something magical. Really like the addition of rock instrumentation and strings. Really turns it from a sort of Tron Movie into say a...Terminator Movie i 
guess. Where it's more organic and heroic. I love the synth work here, it really brings out the juicy vibe, and when contrasted with the choir, it sounds really good.
The whole thing is very cool, because the rock vibe works better than imagined. You also seem to really emphasize the first half a lot, which not many people seemed to
lean into. But i attribute that to the fact it's just 1 bar of material looped. I didn't pick it, because it was repetitive, but rather i wanted to see how people
could turn something very simple, into something kind of epic/developed. Again this music is a product of both it's time, while still retaining some relevance to it.
The arrangement is extremely solid, took me on a journey without being boring or mundane. I mean if i have to be honest, if i were to critique it, i'm not really a fan
of the rock drums. But that might be the bias towards techno, and my expectations towards them kind of beats. The rock vibes would have still been kept, but with more
emphasis on the electronic part. When you have the synths working with the drums like this, it sounds more like Synth Rock or Synthpop. Again though, it might be a taste
thing with a bit of personal bias towards the original. The whole thing was super nicely done though, and i did enjoy the arrangement from start to finish, with a lot
of fun to be had, and the synth sounds were definately on point. Well done!

Marcusg - Your attempt at techno, sounds very techno to me. I don't hear hardstyle at all, honestly you've exceeded what techno is supposed to sound like. Now of course
the original is not a techno track, so a stylistic change comes with it's own set of perks. I really dig the high intensity lead, it really makes it in anthemic in a 
way. The track sounds more like a product of the harder techno, and it's a good thing. It's nice to see a different approach to the original. I do love the synth sounds
here, your taking the simple essence of the whole thing, and really exemplifying it. Then again, a lot of techno tracks can be simple, and minimalistic, which to some
is necessary, because it's the nature of the genre. The main lead, really amplifies the whole thing, otherwise it sounds a bit bare, and to be honest, that's a big 
problem here. I listen to loads of techno, and while the kick drums are banging, i usually have it accompany something else, that's rich in texture and sound. I'm
only really hearing essentially 1 of the melodies in question, a riff, and a looping kind of approach, to a point, where i consider it even more minimalistic than 
the original. I do think this is more of a new thing for you, because based on your description, i kind of got the feeling, this isn't really a genre you make, 
which is ok, i too have tried genres, i don't usually make, which can cause a bit of difficulty. It's all learning and growing. The track idea in itself is really cool
though, it really sounds different than all the other arrangements, which is great, and honestly i could see potential in any future remixes/tracks if you do decide
to go this route again. Really nice and lovely work. Well done!

Again i don't really have an idea of who i would pick to win, other than congrats to Studionimbus.org for his second win. (Dam, already on fire lol). As usual great work to everyone, hopefully i won't fall absent again, and keep myself invested in OCR!

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