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MnP 132: Breath of Fire 2 - A Crisis


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Compo: MnP (Meat 'n Potatoes)

Congratulations to HoboKa for winning the last round! As a result, he get's to choose this month's MnP source! Here's what he had to say about his pick: 

"The theme of Barubari if I recall correctly.  He's the second to last boss of BoF2 and can be harder than Deathevan if you choose to fight him solo.  Damn did he ever terrify me as a kid lol." - HoboKa

GAME: Breath of Fire 2 (SNES)

SOURCE: A Crisis


Deadline: 26th April @ 1PM

Closing Date: 28th April @ 1PM

Vote Ends: 5th May @ 1PM

MnP ARCHIVE  made by Trism ;)

submit: https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/MnP132

The goal of Compo:MnP is to promote that "meat and potatoes" conservative approach to remixing: this includes the mood and composition of source tunes. It is up to the remixer to create their own personalization, or to simply give it a sound upgrade. Moreover, the compo is a great opportunity to hone your remixing skills and give video game music the respect that is due. SOME reinterpretation is recommended, but not required.

MnP Instructions/Guidelines

Rules for Picking a Source:

  1. All video game sources are limited to the 6th generation of video game consoles and earlier. This was due to community consensus, where people preferred to remix more retro games, than newer games. 6th generation includes: GameCube, Xbox, PS2 and Dreamcast. 
  2. I'm now restricting big name franchises (Such as Zelda and Mega-Man) to one source per year. This is to encourage more obscure games, that not many people will know about to be picked. 
  3. Make sure you provide me both a video and a MIDI of the source in question

Note: This is subject to change. Also keep an eye out, if any special rounds come into fruition.


  1. Modifying the Source is fine, so long as it doesn't sound completely separate from its original intent. 
  2. If you're gonna do a genre change, at least make sure the original aspect of the source is not lost.
  3. Tempo changes are fine, as long as it's not a big change. I'm talking like, going from 80bpm to 140bpm. 
  4. Submissions must be at a maximum of 20mb (keeping in step with ThaSauce's file size max), and submitted as a MP3 file.
  5. Only 1 entry per participant. Previous winner cannot participate but can submit a BONUS entry. 
  6. Try to avoid making quality-based comments on submissions until after the Round is concluded.  It is to avoid a Bias in Votes.

- When picking a source tune, make sure it has a MIDI to make people's lives easier.
- In-game sound FX are permitted, so long as they don't comprise the whole track (i.e. replacing entire MIDI tracks with just sfx)

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23 hours ago, Souperion said:

A 20 second source? Oh yes, it's time to exaggerate and elaborate.
*Reads up on the source*: Dang, a boss this thoroughly dangerous deserves a bit more complete theme.

You'd better!!  Because if you don't, CDI Ganon will haunt you for one day.  Maybe two. 

Thanks for showing interest :tomatoface:

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10 hours ago, HLEET said:

OH ! one of my most favorite game of all time ! ❤️
I have to do something for this ;)

Y'know what's weird??  BoF2 is my favorite jrpg but I've barely done any remixes for it, asides from Deathevan, boss battle 2 and more than words.  Hell, Chrono Trigger is my 2nd and it has even less...I need to get my ass into gear lol. 

And I'd love to hear your take on 'A Crisis' @HLEET.  Bon Chance!! 

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ADHD toilet time
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  • 3 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

Welcome to the Voting Stage!

  • There are 5 entries this round.
  • There is 1 Bonus entry(s) this round
  • There IS a voter bonus this round!
  • HoboKa has a vote worth 2x. 
  • When Voting, if possible, avoid granting 1:1 covers top spot.  MnP requires a bit of remixage after all.  
  • Don't vote for Bonus entries please. 
  • Do let me know if you have problems voting, and we can sort something out.
  • Try and not make any comments about each entrant until after voting has concluded. Thanks!
  • Participants may not vote for themselves.  
  • The winner of this round will submit a source for MnP Round 133.

Vote ends 5th May 1PM.  

Vote here: https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/MnP132

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  • In 1st place with 18 points: Wassup Thunder
  • In 2nd place with 13 points: Souperion
  • In 3rd place with 12 points: Dex
  • In 4th place with 9 points: Hleet
  • And the last place hero with points: TheVideoGamer
  • HoboKa created a Bonus Entry.

Wassup Thunder please PM me with your source pick for Round 133. Ideally for next week (Roughly the 13th of May).

Congrats to everyone who participated, you peeps did great! 


6 Submissions. Now that is a great turnout! Hopefully next round will be the same!

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2 hours ago, Souperion said:

Heck, I just realized that since my original voting comments got deleted, I forgot to redo mine for HoboKa!
Great intro, I'm a sucker for tubular bells. Boss 2 sounds like a pretty awesome song, you'll have to pick it for a round sometime down the road. Nice work, mate!

Sure. I can do that if I ever win again.  Who knows =p

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