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new ansiform!

<li class="release">ansi033) ] i guess you could call me a believer [10.7 MB | 07:48]

  • having gotten back into the swing of things, it's business as usual. we now present a "i guess you could call me a believer" - a classically ansiform-esque slice of drone, tempered with warm fuzz and a pulsating shimmer. (it's great to be back!)

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Finally found a version cut up for standalone musical enjoyment. If you don't know what this is, you've been living under a rock :). Here's TBL's winning Amiga demo from Assembly 2006 on youtube:

Unfortunately, the song rip also includes the mecha sound effects and glass breaking noise from the [obligatory] namedrop section. Still a badass tune though. It's pretty much like The Crystal Method stylistically, but uhh... a lot better, IMO :)

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Well, I really don't have anything to contribute, but I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who've posted stuff in this thread. You've really opened my ears to some awesome stuff that obviously deserves more attention than it gets. I'm looking at you OverCoat and andyjayne. Truly an amazing thread.

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Finally, a new kahvi release. Yay! :)


#216a -216n General Fuzz - Red Balloon [stream]

A bit of a mixture this time. General fuzz sent along 4 entire albums for submission to the kollective, and what follows is a 'hand picked' selection of what I think are the highlights. a vast range of audio treats in this release, ranging from ambient and chilled 21st century idm to the early 90's styled techno beats of old. tracks of merit for me include: ray squared, smiling perspective. notes from the musician: All the music on this compliation is creative commons licensed, and can be downloaded for free off my website: generalfuzz.net Various credits go to: Jason Parmar on tabla for summer, bars of parmar; Sarah Holzman on flute for flow tater; JP Cutler on guitar for sliding forward. Watch out for the next release - the last release before Kahvi goes on summer vacation! Expect something a bit special...

leave feedback

download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip)

The links all 404 for some reason but they should be back online soon. Scene.org is down :(
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hey hey hey new idmonster release for mono!


Message>> After a long absence from Monotonik (his last release for us was back in 2002!), we're delighted to welcome back UK-based musician Pendle Poucher, aka Idmonster, with a 3-track compilation of rather wonderfully varied electronic music, 'Preloved EP'.

Nowadays, Poucher works as a documentary and TV series musician for a number of UK and Japanese shows, including "new Japanese Discovery Channel idents that i'm very proud of", he tells us, as well as providing all of the audio for the BBC's interactive history game CDX - and also somewhat oddly co-wrote a 'club smash' with high-profile U.S. DJ Robbie Rivera. Hey, eclecticism is the root of all wonder!

Anyhow, the three tracks in this release successfully show off that eclecticism, with 'Close Harness' showcasing an almost Underworld or Fluke-ish groove in an understated, serene track, before 'Charlie's Orbit' spirals off into abstract groove, with some pretty interesting loping percussion, before we finish out with the all out freak-out of 'The Dog Under The Skin', which shows off a heavy, intense feeling of dread - and we love it. Welcome back, Mr. Idmonster!

Download Idmonster's 'Preloved EP' from: 1. "Close Harness" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

2. "Charlie's Orbit" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

3. "The Dog Under The Skin" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

..or download the entire release [.ZIP link], stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

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New Kahvi multi-artist compilation


#217a-217i VA / Butano Beats [stream]

The last release from the kollectiv before summer break is a various artist compilation from a highly respected bunch of artists who enjoy their leatherwear. This originally limited edition cdr included the text ' “It's an extremely limited exclusive non-profit cd brought to you by Haerski Muumi and the artists who all are very nice people. Without their help our parties couldn't exist.”' As you can imagine, the tracks are fun, unique in their texture, interesting in their appearance and perhaps occasionally challenging - every new listen revealing something new. Some familiar artists from previous kahvi releases show they hail from an alternative reality and don`t actually exist in our universe at all. (click the artist names to visit their websites). Enjoy this release, and see you in August!

download whole ep as ogg (.zip)

download album art (pdf) download whole ep as mp3 (.zip) whole ep (.mp3) mirror

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triumphant debut!


Message>> A triumphant Monotonik debut from glitched-up UK resident BitBasic, whose 'Grating Rainbows' EP speeds through 8 tracks in just 18 minutes, and offers a whirlwhind tour to some deliciously cut-up drill & bass action, someone between early Squarepusher, our very own Beak, and somewhere entirely new. Hawesome.

Things start out with the loopy, surreal 'Soap', before the lush, hiphop-infused 'Emaze' wanders into view, all lyrical jazz riffs and drilled-up drums, gloriously sunny throughout. And what else? Ah, 'Amen Break Steals The Show' features an appearance from our favorite loop, apparently, and title track 'Grating Rainbows' is light, fleet, and funky as hell.

Overall, then, quite different from some of the more austere, symphonic idm Monotonik puts out, but a floatier, lightier, funkier approach for the summer makes everyone happy, not least our listeners - and we hope to hear more from the dazzling complexities of BitBasic soon.

Download BitBasic's 'Grating Rainbows' from: 1. "Soap" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

2. "Left Here" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

3. "Emaze" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

4. "Shroom" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

5. "Amen Break Steals The Show" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

6. "Grating Rainbows" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

7. "Watch Less TV" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

8. "Rest" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

..or download the entire release [.ZIP link], stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

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Not really, Double A Ron just thinks it is :P

There's a purpose behind my best stuff then shaking booty. I'm doing this for a cause that is worth dying for. If you want to know more, PM me or do a thread on PPR. In life, there's sheep and shepherds, Coat. Feel free to bark like a morbid farm animal.

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I think you forgot to read something, dude, because I'm not trying to trash your music. Where the hell did you get that idea? Lemme put it simply for you: This thread is for sharing free music that isn't yours. More importantly, other free songs people don't hear if they only come to OCR for music. Simple concept. We already have the WIP boards to self-plug our stuff, so plugging our music here would be redundant.

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