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OCR01547 - Dr. Mario "Burning Up"

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This reminds me all too well of that old game. Very well done.

If any remake of the game were to be done, I'd hope this remix would find it's way in. I'd enjoy such a classic game with new music, even if the graphics were the same. But that's what I think of almost all the songs here on OCR.

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This OC ReMix has instantly become one of my favorites. Everytime I listen to it, I get this music video in my head. I picture all the Mario characters inside a church, having a good ol' time dancing to the music while the little scientist, Elvin Gadd plays the organ like crazy!:smile: I know, it's sort of weird but... wouldn't that be awsome for the song? Also, as an after thought, since it's the remix of the freezer theme from Dr. Mario, as the song progresses, the atmosphere inside the church gets colder and ice developes on the walls; and it also begins to snow. Cool... right?:???:


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