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Plumber's Bane (*Finished version)

Random Hero

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It'd be hard to submit this as it is, since it is over the 8mb file limit, but you should definitely submit this in 2 parts or in a smaller form

I agree, this is so good, i bet this is direct post material. But don't quote me on that :tomatoface:

But yes, submit this in some form, shortened, 2 part, compressed to fit under the limit, ANYTHING, This NEEDS to be on ocr.

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Late, but meh.

So I subbmitted both parts of the song to the judges. And as most of you know, This first part was a direct post to the site ^_^


The second part was subbmitted a while after, but there was an issue with a non video game reference at the end of the song. So I pulled the submission.

Well I fixed this issue and here is the result.


This version has also been submitted (Nov 22, 2009) so it should be entering the panel soon... i hope


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As usual, awesome stuff!

I'm kinda curious, though: was the non-vgm reference at the end of Part II long or something? I ask 'cause if a non-vgm reference is grounds for disqualification how did Kidd Cabbage's 'Naito Obu [br00tl]' get through with the obvious "Trooper" (Iron Maiden) reference around 2:35 (ish)? Don't get me wrong, its an awesome remix and The Trooper fits very well. It just seems like a bit of a double standard to me... *shrug*

Again, awesome music! Can't wait to see Part II on the front page!

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I have a full version of this song, But have not uploaded it. I will shortly.

I have not mentioned on this post but there will be more parts to Plumber's Bane in the future. I have Part III in ther works and have an idea for Part IV. Thou there isn't much to post yet, Part III will focus on the SMW castle theme and also the NSMBW Castle theme featured in the New version of Part II.

Stay Tuned

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