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OCR Diablo2/D2X League!


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i am no diablo2ologist but what do you need insight in a staff for? wouldn't it be better in a polearm so your merc could use it?

Well, I guess either would work, but I was thinking of just putting the staff on the secondary so I just switch it out on the fly when I'm not casting anything.

We have a second mule btw, there're a lot of items people are dumping onto the mules.

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Well I suppose I should post this:

We have created a second mule (for account/password just ask in IRC)

The first mule holds "normal" uniques/sets/other good items (not exceptional or elite) and there is a gem mule there too.

The second mule carries all other items and usually has items for higher level characters.

So if you want to join in now, just visit the first mule and grab what you want; we'll get you up to speed in no time.

In the future we may have a rune/jewel mule and a charm mule.

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Hey all,

Sorry about the late catalog, all I remember I dozing off playing D2 again and then I woke up : ) Anyways here is the Mule Shopper as of March 8th:



- Sigon’s Shelter – Gothic Plate

- Isenhart’s Case – Breast Plate

- Berserkers Hauberk – Splint mail

- Stealth rune word in a Plate Mail


- Sigon’s Visor – Great Helm

- Coif of Glory – Helm


- Sigon’s Gage(x2) – Gauntlets

* Shields

- Steelclash – Kite Shield

- Wall of the Eyeless – Bone Shield


- Spire of Lazarus – Gnarled Staff

- Sander’s Superstition – Bone Wand

*Melee Weapons

- Soulflay – Claymore

- Spectral Shard – Blade

- Gull – Dagger


- +1 to barb skills amulet


- Dimoak’s Hew - Bardiche

- Rare Circlet





- Natalya’s Totem – Grim Helm




- Radament’s Sphere – Ancient Shield


- Arm of King Leoric – Tomb Wand

*Melee Weapons

- Sword Guard – Executioner’s Sword

- Aldur’s Rhythm – Jagged Star

- Demon Machine – Chu-Ko-Nu

- Coldkill – Hatchet


- The Eye of Etlich – Amulet

- Rare +1 Paladin Skills amulet with multi resists

- 22% Mf ring with 20% lit resist


Mf Jewel

Thul rune

Shael Rune

Well that does it for now. Keep up the magic finding!

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Ah jeez, almost got my hands on a Skulder's but thanks to the screen shaking that occurs when you kill off a boss, I ended up with crap. There are no words to describe how pissed off I am right now. By the way, mule was a great idea. I've got something that I can add so I'll grab the account details next time I bump into you guys on IRC. I've also managed to catch up, on the downside though, I've got nothin but crap gear. Any decent one handed weapon for a 72 Pally (zeal) would be greatly appreciated.

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Ah, I forgot to ask you last night Bahamut, was that the complete Tal Rasha set you were wearing? I've got the belt lying around somewhere if you (or any of you) need it. Actually, I might just shove it on the mule, it'll be easier. I've got a sorc but right now, she's not my primary. Wait, I forgot to ask the account details *smacks head*.

EDIT: Well I'll be buggered, just picked up a second piece, got reason to hang onto it now hehe. If one of you desperately need it or the ammy though, just give me a buzz.

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Hey everyone,

Here's the delux edition of the Mule Shopper. I saved some of the lower equipment because I see a lot of people walking around with new characters. There's are almost complete set of Sigon's, Isenhart's, and Berserkers, along with some other good starting equipment for lower lvl characters. On with the list:


Iceblink – splint mail

Coif of Glory – Helm

Steelclash – Kite Shield

Stealth Plate Mail

Wall of the Eyeless – Bone Shield

Rare Belt

Nightsmoke – Belt

Staff of Lazarus – Gnarled Staff

Sander’s Superstition – Bone Wand

Gull – Dagger

Rare Grim Shield

Rare Battle Staff


Radament’s Sphere – Ancient Shield

Iceblink – Splint Mail

Demon Machine – Chu-Ko-Nu

Aldur’s Rhythm – Jagged Star

Coldkill – Hatchet

Lore Bone Helm

Lacerator – Winged Axe

Rare Ancient Shield; +2 pally skills

Kuko Shakaku – Cedar Bow

Rare Nec Coronet

+3 Cold skill Tiara

Arm of King Leoric – Tomb Wand


The Meat Scraper – Lochaber Axe

Griswold’s Heart – Ornate Plate

Hand of the Blessed Light – Divine Scepter

Skullder’s Ire – Russet Armor

+2 Nec Curse Ammy

Bloodtree Stump – War Club

Milabrega’s Robe – Ancient Armor

+1 Fire Skills GC


Berserker’s Headgear – Helm

Steelclash – Kite Shield

Isenhart’s Case – Breast Plate

Berserker’s Hauberk – Splint Mail

Witherstring – Hunter’s Bow

(2x) Frostburns- Gauntlets

Isenhart’s Horns – Full Helm

Bverrit’s Keep – Tower Shield

Heart Carver – Rondel

Spineripper – Poignard

Sigon’s Gage – Gauntlets

Sigon’s Visor – Great Helm

Sigon’s Shelter – Gothic Plate

Gull – Dagger

Rare Nec Balanced Knife

Cleglaw’s Tooth – Long Sword


Ginther’s Rift – Dimensional Blade

Plague Bearer – Rune Sword

Naj’s Circlet – Circlet

Natalya’s Soul – Mesh Boots

Hwanin’s Splendor – Grand Crown

(2x) Peasant Crown – War Hat

Sazabi’s Mental Sheath – Basinet

Spirit Forge – Linked Mail

Skin of the Flayed One – Demonhide Armor

Rite of Passage – Demonhide Boots

The Iron Jang Bong – War Staff

Immortal King’s Forge – War Gauntlets

Aldur’s Advance – Battle Boots

The Vile Husk – Tusk Sword

(2x) Que-Hegan’s Wisdom – Mage Plate

Tal Rasha’s Horadric Crest – Death Mask

The Scalper – Francisca



7x Perfect

2x Flawless

1x Normal


6x Perfect

2x Flawless


7x Perfect

1x Flawless

1x Normal


7x Perfect

1x Flawless

1x Normal


8x Perfect

1x Normal


5x Perfect

2x Normal


6x Perfect

2x Flawless

1x Normal


1x El

1x Ith

2x Thul

1x Ral

1x Tal

1x Ort

3x Shael

1x Amn

1x Hel

2x Io

1x Lum



Angelic Halo

20%lit, 23%mf


(2x) Angelic Wings

10%Fcr, +3 All Resists

Rare +2 Summon Nec Ammy

+3 Traps

+1 Barb Skills, +5 mini damage

The Eye of Etlich

Rare +1 Pally Skills ammy

+2 Offensive Auras


(2x) 3% mf

4%mf, 1-3 fire damage

1-6 lit damage, 15/3 poison damage


+16 AR, 10% mf,

+15 max. damage

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CRAP!! Uhh, you're not gonna like this Bahamut, I was transferring the Tal Rasha amulet to the special mule for ya when my damn net connection dropped out. That was all fine and dandy except, it dropped out for about an hour...so by the time I got back, the game was gone. I still have the belt though, I think I'll hang onto that one until I see you in game...

EDIT: I've taken the Hand of Blessed Light for my pally. Bahamut, check mule 5 for your belt.

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I got to gank Gore Rider for D-Lux and Gheed's Fortune for myself during baal runs tonight :smile: . I hope this is a sign of things to come *cough*Tal Rasha's ammy*cough*.

Oh and I have 378% mf atm. And we found your ist andy, plus chapel has a bunch of sols if you want them.

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Also, I'm looking for two Um runes. And I've started building a fully Find Item/Magic Find Barb. Anyone that wants to rush him through Normal and NM tonight, I'll be on later, probably before I go out tonight. Then when I return after midnight (EST).

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Hey Guys,

Just a quick note; All rares have many other stats to them. I just picked the +skills to identify them easier.

Account – OCRMule


Goldstrike Arch – Gothic bow

Haemosu’s Adamant – Cuirass

(2x) The Spirit Shroud – Ghost Armor

Sazabi’s Mental Sheath – Basinet

Ume’s Lament – Grim Wand

+2 Sorc Orb

Spire of Lazarus – Gnarled Staff

Steelclash – Kite Shield

Iceblink – Splint Mail

Steel Runeword in a Naga

Coif of Glory – Helm

Heavenly Garb – Light Plate

M’avina’s Icy Clutches – Battle Gauntlets

Tearhaunch – Greaves

Nightsmoke – Belt

Rare Heavy Belt

Rare Battle Staff +1 Chilling Armor, +1 Fireball


The Reaper’s Toll – Thresher

Moser’s Blessed Circle – Round Shield

Rite of Passage – Demonhide Boots

(2x)Radament’s Sphere – Ancient Shield

Sureshrill Frost – Flanged Mace

Tal Rasha’s Lidless Eye – Swirling Crystal

Bloodtree Stump w/ Perfect Skull – War Club

Rare +2 Bone & Poison Corona

+3 Poison & Bone, +2 Revive, +1 Fire Golem, +1 Attract Bone Wand

Arm of King Leoric – Tomb Wand

Demon Machine – Chu-Ko-Nu

The Impaler – War Spear

Undead Crown – Crown


Tearhaunch – Greaves

Spineripper – Poignard

Blackhand Key – Grave Wand

Natalya’s Mark – Scissors Suwayyah

Bloodletter – Gladius

Fleshrender – Barbed Club

Cloudcrack – Gothic Sword

Blade of Ali Baba – Tulwar

Demon’s Arch – Balrog Spear

Milabrega’s Robe – Ancient Armor

Headstriker – Battle Sword

The Meat Scrapper – Lochaber Axe

Rare +2 Pally Skill Vortex Shield

Steeldriver – Great Maul

Griswold’s Heart – Ornate Plate

Trang-Oul’s Scales – Chaos Armor

Rockstopper – Sallet

Rare +1 Sin Ammy


Blood Raven’s Charge – Matriarchal Bow

Magnus’ Skin – Sharkskin Gloves

Heart Carver – Rondel

(2x) Trang-Oul’s Claws – Heavy Bracers

Naj’s Circlet – Circlet

Natalaya’s Soul – Mesh Boots

Magefist – Light Gauntlets

(2x) Frostburn – Gauntlets

Ginther’s Rift – Dimensional Blade

Gloom’s Trap – Mesh Belt

Demon Limb – Tyrant Club

+2 Necro Skills Eth Balanced Knife

Gull – Dagger

Spirit Forge – Linked Mail


Culwen’s Point – War Sword

Hellmouth – War Gauntlets

Wolfhowl – Fury Visor

The Vile Husk – Tusk Sword

Lava Gout – Battle Gauntlets

Aldur’s Advance – Battle Boots

Windhammer – Ogre Maul

The Iron Jang Bong – War Staff

Natalaya’s Soul – Mesh Boots

Plague Bearer – Rune Sword

Crown of Thieves – Grand Crown

Razortail – Sharkskin Belt

(2x) Skin of the Flayed One – Demonhide Armor

Peasant Crown – War Hat

Naj’s Circlet – Circlet


Blade of Ali Baba – Tulwar

Heaven’s Light – Mighty Scepter

Moonfall – Jagged Star

Sureshrill Frost – Flanged Mace

Fleshrender – Barbed Club

The Gladiator’s Bane – Wire Fleece

Dark Adherent – Dusk Shroud

Hwanin’s Splendor – Grand Crown



Angelic Halo – Ring

+5 cold, 13% mf Ring

Small Charms

15/4 poison Small Charm

50/6 poison +9 to AR Small Charm

Grand Charms

7% Faster Run/Walk, 100/6 Poison

+1 Bow & Crossbow Skills


+3 str, 6%mf

33% enhanced damage, 9%mf

5-27 fire damage

21 lit, 10%mf

+15 Max Damage

12% Enhanced Damage, +4 Min Damage

+15 Max Damage

(2x) +10 AR, +1 Light Radius, -15% Requirements

-15% Requirements


10% FCR, +3 Resist

Rare +2 Summon Skills (Necro)

Angelic Wings

+2 Fire Skills Crafted Bone Amulet

+1 Necro Skills, +5 Min Damage

+2 Summon Skills (Druid)

Rare +2 Shape Shift

+3 Traps

28% mf

+3 Shape Shift

Account – OCRMule2


(4x) El

(7x) Eld

(4x) Tir

(4x) Nef

(4x) Eth

(3x) Ith

(4x) Tal

(5x) Ral

(3x) Ort

(9x) Thul

(4x) Amn

(3x) Sol

(4x) Shael


(1x) Ith

(1x) Dol

(1x) Hel

(1x) Lum

(3x) Io

(2x) Lem

(1x) Ist


(All Gems Are Pgems)

(8x) Diamonds

(7x) Amethysts

(11x) Sapphires

(10x) Topaz

(7x) Rubies

(12x) Emeralds

(11x) Skulls



(9x) Diamonds

(14x) Amethysts

(12x) Sapphires

(10x) Topaz

(11x) Rubies

(11x) Emeralds

(9x) Skulls


(1x) Diamond

(2x) Sapphires

(1x) Topaz

(2x) Emeralds

(1x) Skull

I'm thinking about sorting alphabetically or by type next time. Let me know what you guys think; feedback is always good. Happy Shopping!

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