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OCR AG Tournament: Street Fighter Alpha 3

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Broken (A-Ryu) vs. Sega (A-Ken)


Good times Sega. Look foward to playing you in the future

(btw, we played more than two matches. More like ten or twelve. And I unveiled GIEF!!!)

You unveiled him, and he sucked. No, seriously, good games man.

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A couple of changes to the table:

Color coded based on a "Top6" finals/playoff system. For those of you living in North America, the finals will be like the CFL or NFL playoffs - 1 and 2 get byes, 3, 4, 5, and 6 play quarterfinals.

Also the deadline for REGISTRATION has changed to TUESDAY - this also means that the round-robin phase will complete a LOT sooner than previously expected.

When 48 matches are done in 4 days, I don't think that ANYONE wants a lull of action - although we WILL see it.


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