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Richard Joseph has passed away


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People who owned a Commodore 64 or an Amiga, should all know who Richard Joseph is. He's made some of the greatest soundtracks ever to games like Barbarian, Cauldron 2, The Chaos Engine, Sensible Soccer and Canon Fodder.

Sadly, Mr. Joseph left us yesterday afternoon, after losing the battle with his lung cancer. The news has left me personally absolutely hollowed, as he's been a great inspiration to me since my early teens. I also had the pleasure of meeting and talking to the man, and he was the nicest person ever. He was also one of the few old school composers who took the time to get involved with the remixing scene, and gave feedback to remiers and also remixed some of his old stuff.

The world has lost a great man. Rest in peace, Richard Joseph.

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Man, I've heard about his mixing, but never actually got to connect with the dude. Man, ain't that sad?

What was his remix name? I might have met him and didn't really know.

As far as I know he made original compositions. But he remixed his own Chaos Engine tune for the Immortal 3 cd. And just like the Amiga version back then, the remix really rocks but still retained a lot of the original mood of the module.:)

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